Nine Tennis Coverage

It’s good to get confirmation of that (and thanks for sharing the info you have and can share - it’s much appreciated).

I’ve suspected for a while there’s been a clear separation because of how Stan Sport does its own thing for the grand slams (and will be doing that for the Olympics) whereas if it was more closely tied in with WWOS, you would think there would be more crossover when it comes to talent used and production philosophies in the same way (for example) NBC handles Peacock’s sports coverage.


Agree and that’s why Nine/9Now’s coverage and effort, at least until this year, has been top stuff, great exposure and promption too, also you could see in 9Gem’s ratings in recent years (even this year with Demon’s run).

But yes, I think you’re right, the clay courts, foreign language barrier and Australia’s not so great success at Roland Garros probably does push the US Open ahead of it, where it’s more what we are used to (hard courts, nights, English and have had a lot of success), this despite the even poorer time zone.


Feels like defense of it that’s all. Again, would have been no issue if they advertised this from the start of tournament. This just pissed off sone viewers.

The Stan Sport experience for slams has been fantastic since they took over. Having the 9Gem coverage complement this helps as well. The two should be working in sync.