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Happy to contact 3AW and advise them they should have put Heidi Murphy in the role.


I believe this Sunday Nights edition of Remember When will be dedicated to the life of John Blackman with his wife Cecile on (To be Confimed) since he was a semi-regular guest on night line


And breakfast host for many years along with Uncle Roy (Bruce Mansfield).


It will be a short program however, as 3AW will broadcast the Sunday night AFL match between Essendon and Carlton beforehand.


If you had read both my posts, I offered comments and broad thoughts on the topic. Indeed, I agreed in my second post that her situation is subjective.
So, if your only issue is the suggestion to complain to 3AW, I’m not sure how that could be perceived as anything other than a logical progression, if that poster really believes they’ve made a mistake.

Perhaps mate, if you don’t agree with my posts, ignore them.

So very sad, such a huge talent but an even better person.
He and I hosted the ‘radio’ coverage of the Royal Wedding between Andrew and Fergie.
In the studios ( Blackers in Melbourne, me in Sydney) we had the sundry royal and fashion experts to offer ‘colour’ commentary as we all watched on on small televisions in the studios.
However, John was in his element. It was non stop gags, one liners, ribbing and laugh out loud quips at everyone’s expense, especially the royals.
He was the master in live situations, totally in control and having a great time.
Off air, he was quiet, a real pro who always put his family first.
He was a one-off. Rest in peace.


I met him many, many years ago when i was doing work experience at 3AK and sat in the studio during his breakfast show a few times. He was friendly, no attitude and happy to answer my timid/nerdy questions during the music or ad breaks :blush:

And he was cheeky too. When the 3AK news was on at 8.30 he’d get his little radio out and tune into 3AW to hear what’s Derryn’s opening spiel which started right on 8.30. I guess it never hurt to keep an ear on the opposition :wink:


Mark Allen filled in for Ross Stevenson on 3AW breakfast today.

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I find him so overrated. Unsure why he’s practically on every show on the station.


I agree, but the overall talent pool (eg Felgate) is so low at the moment, almost anything and anyone goes!

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And in his later years filled-in regularly for Denis Walter on Afternoons (sort of 2009 to early 2010s), maybe even for Ernie Sigley before that?

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A John Blackman special edition of Remember When from 10:30pm toinight
with special Guest Daryl Somers


Courier Mail

Australian country music star Troy Cassar-Daley opens up on wife Laurel Edwards’ health scare

“She has been in hospital for a couple of days last week removing some lumps and bumps that needed to be checked on but thankfully nothing nasty. Just a precaution.”

“She had some time off work from radio just to make sure everything was clear but so far so good,” he wrote.


Best wishes to Laurel.

Could be a good time to not seek a contract extension and end this awful experiment.

4BC is a news talk station every other weekday hour that breakfast isn’t on. If they don’t want to talk the difficult news topics but still need music to fill out the show, management in Sydney need to bite the bullet and return to a proper local news format which was rating well with Neil Breen prior to the change in second half of 2022 to them.

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Further to the above, a quick glance reveals that Gary co-hosted Breakfast with Sofie Formica last Thursday and Friday due to Laurel and Mark both being off.

Poor Sofie also had to pull double duty both days and still presented her own Afternoon program as well.

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What a mess, if I was 4BC management I would be throwing money at Gary in an effort to get him solo on breakfast.


Why did Gary need Sofie to co host with him in the first place? He could not host Solo for 2 days ?


Nine Radio live streaming snapshot May 2024

The countdown to the Olympic Games Paris 2024 and with only 42 days to go, Nine’s talk stations are going for gold in digital audio streaming growth.

Driven by surging listenership in key shifts as well as Nine Radio’s ratings-leading sport coverage, year-on-year data shows national growth of 8%.

Sydney’s 2GB has shown incredible double-digit growth, with a 15% increase in total digital streaming listening hours (YoY), and uplift across Breakfast, Mornings, Afternoons and Drive, as well as Wide World of Sports and the Continuous Call Team rugby league coverage.

Melbourne’s 3AW has also posted a remarkable 7% increase in total listener hours (YoY), including an unassailable 46% commercial Breakfast share, and uplift across key shifts and Friday AFL.

Sport fans are also flocking to Brisbane’s 4BC, which has posted a 10% uptick (YoY) in Friday night rugby league coverage by the Continuous Call Team, and Perth’s 6PR has seen similar gains in Breakfast and Sunday AFL.

11.03M 11.6M(up 8% YoY)

Nine Radio Head of Content, Greg Byrnes, said: “Our live audio streaming audience is surging, and as the official Olympic and Paralympic broadcaster, you can already hear the excitement building across our stations.”

“Audio delivers unmatched engagement for those iconic sporting moments and listening to us via streaming means all Australians will be able to enjoy every moment of the colour and excitement live from Paris across 2GB, 3AW, 4BC and 6PR. With a purpose built Olympic Studio and our team of commentators, reporters and hosts on the ground in Paris, we can’t wait for the games to begin!”

Nine’s Director of Sales, Total Audio, Ashley Earnshaw, said: “The scale of our digital stream listening reflects the improved listener experience through our apps and the role our content plays in the community.”

“Our audio superfans are increasingly seeking out our content on connected devices and smart speakers. Critically, for advertisers we have been able to extend our digital audio data product suite with more relevant and engaging targeting solutions, improving ROI and overall ad effectiveness.”

Source: Triton Webcast Metrics Streaming, May 1-31 2024, TLH – Total Listening Hours, Nine Radio, Unless otherwise specified

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Laughable, very little good news in Brisbane if that’s the best they could find. Might as well be SEN.

No mention of actual audience numbers either, besides overall session starts. All very flaky.

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Correct @TheGreatOne2, none of them seemingly have any confidence to host solo. LGM quite ill at ease about discussing news topics.