Nine Radio (Music)

Agreed, It seems to be improving every week. 3MP has also greatly improved since Ace took over.


Not hard given 1377 hadn’t been a music station for a few years :wink:. Although I did enjoy the Classic Rock period, I think the balance provided by an easy listening station is welcome even if sometimes they skew a little old for my tatse.

If I was Ace Radio, I would book ads on TV for Magic 1278 to promote it across Melbourne and let people know there is a classic hits of the 60s 70s and 80s station again! After Gold 104.3 abandoned the 60s and most of the 70s ages ago. With a playlist like that they deserve to get higher ratings to the level that 4KQ had and Cruise 1323 has! Also 3MP should book print ads in local Peninsula newspapers to promote “the Peninsula’s own radio station!”.


I agree with you, 3MP had it’s Origins in Frankston on the Mornington Peninsula, While the Station shall join the Heritage Regional AM Network while Magic sticks with Classic Hits and Continue to be linked with 2UE & 4BH.

unlikely, unlike all the heritage regional AM network stations 3MP can’t take 3AW programming and SEN football because both these stations are receivable across the 3MP service area and it would have caused duplication. Also 3MP was synonymous with easy music for much of its life it should stay that way.


??? (I randomly check ARN “find your local station” site and found this - if station is not owned or operated by ARN but only have partnership in form of of ad sales, then 2UE must be placed at “ARN Regional” (like 2SM) @myfriend)