Nine On-Air Presentation

ACA had the 3D logo

Flat watermark logo for 9 would likely mean 9Go! 9Gem, etc would have to follow suit accordingly.

So, in part, understandable why the 3D watermark is still intact, for the sake of that consistency.

But yes, 3D needs to go.

Talk about a half baked approach to this ‘flat’ look. It’s very off-brand for Nine (historically speaking) to have such a mish mash of on-air presentation and a non-uniformed look across it’s brand. Is it a funding and resource issue? Or perhaps there is no leadership within the design team and a lack of communication between various departments.


Maybe it’s laziness. Maybe they don’t think anyone outside of here will notice.

Olympic slate and beyond


Nine’s watermark since midday has been the Olympic one for the first program then switched back to original 3D for 1pm :frowning_face:


Looks like a reinvigorated swirls and ribbons from 2012…….


By 3pm the flat logo came back

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The flat logo has been appearing since 4:30pm except for ACA.

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I reckon that’s giving 7HD 2008 vibes too

And Four Weddings & A Funeral (at least the first 20min)

A rare end of movie split screen end credits/promo on Nine, including program sponsor (Disney) for upcoming sequel theatrical release and cut back to full screen with studio logos as end-tags


Strange that tonight’s swimming special doesn’t carry the Olympic rings watermark but has the old 3D one.


After first ad break


They are very indecisive


It was the same last night.

I wonder if it’s something to do with the generation of the opening classification warning, CC bug and transition to watermark? It does look cleaner into the old 3D watermark from 2015 in that regard.

Whereas upon return from ad breaks, it’s a fade in small classification bug, then a second gap, then the Olympics animation transition to its watermark.

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Has previously aired with classification bug - have seen whole programs with the new Olympic w/m.


Yes, that’s what I was meaning here:

But what I was trying to say originally:

was regarding the warnings (with the consumer advice box), which is larger with sentences, a different placement & size for the “CC” bug and no small classification bug (like in your cap).

If this makes sense. So you’re saying you’ve seen the Olympics animation and watermark following a classification warning with the cons advice box too?

Side note on terminology (unless I’m mistaken): classification warning is the program opening classification with a consumer advice box (e.g.) “some coarse language” like we used to see in full-screen with a V/O and classification bug is simply the smaller classification logo we see, upon returns from ad breaks or upon program opening with no cons advice.

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Movie tie-in