Nine Olympic Coverage

Think it’s been confirmed that Stan will have its own coverage which will be separate to Nine’s offering.

As for the News Corp article (assuming there’s some truth behind it), I suspect there’s some creative accountkeeping going on. What I mean by that is while Thorpe, Gaze, Rice, etc will likely appear on Nine’s coverage, they’ll perhaps be paid by the Stan Sport division.

Channel 4 hasn’t yet announced their coverage plans for Paris. However, the number of linear hours is in the same range as what it offered for the Tokyo Paralympics across the main channel and More4:

NBC does air some Paralympics coverage on the main network. However, it’s nowhere near the tonnage of coverage offered for the Olympics. For context, only 9 hours are planned for the Paris Paralympics - 6 of them being primetime highlight programs.

Most of the company’s Paris Paralympics coverage will air on USA Network & CNBC (i.e., cable) and Peacock.