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Southern Cross (and WIN and Seven QLD) are only legally to service 5 of the 7 Queensland sub-markets. They’ve picked two of their sub-markets which would be their lowest rating. There’s no legal obligation to any local news bulletins or updates. Same as how WIN broadcasts across Mackay.

Presumedly it would be a combination of neighbouring Townsville and Rockhampton stories which would be slightly or fully relevant to Mackay audiences, but possibly a Toowoomba or a Cairns story thrown in to fill time.


Nine/SCA didn’t even properly transition viewers to the regional bulletins when they started (even though IMO, they really should’ve

That’s not true, I saw plenty of fancy promo ads in Townsville showing that local news was coming, and it was going to be a hybrid bulletin with a new presenter.


Yeah, but we didn’t see handover segments this (even though we should’ve) in the transition process:

You get the general idea. Promos aside it was very much “plug and play” without the support of the metropolitan Nine News services/presenters to guide viewers during the transition!


Not required. When they switched on on the Monday they would’ve realised the change (unless they are comatose…) and have made up their own mind.


whats a hybrid bulletiun?


In short, one that combines local news with state, national and international; it takes the place of separate local and state capital city bulletins.


How is that different from what SC Nine already does in their remaining markets?


It could have been worse for 7,9,10 & affiliates, had Australia gone down the deregulation route NZ did, otherwise Pay-tv would be stronger and they’d likely have had more multi-nationals starting TV stations in the 90’s & 00’s… it would have been farewell to the old networks’ tidy little cartel.

But as this is a news thread, I shall digress.


Let’s use correct terminology

No bulletins were axed

There is one bulletin in the regions in Queensland that has 7 local break out Windows and branding elements

It is one bulletin - with 7 local branding elements and windows

2 of those have been axed

No bulletins have been axed


Tell that to the Mackay and Toowoomba journos that got cut loose.


The Darling Downs bulletin was replaced with the one coming from Brisbane. That area now receives 9 news from Brisbane.


Not sure if this was a technical blooper or possibly a sign that changes have been made to the bulletin, but Nine News Illawarra started tonight without a proper opener. A generic “Nine News Illawarra” titlecard was used (it did not feature the Sea Cliff Bridge in the background as it normally does) and the globe animation was frozen until the “with Vanesssa O’Hanlon” voiceover was spoken. It didn’t appear to be a technical blooper, but who knows really.


Sounds like a blooper to me.

They wouldn’t normally deliberately make a change like that on a Friday.


Video of the blooper during the Opener:


Vanessa looking a bit tired there?


Here is an old archive story of when Nine News Darwin celebrated 30 years of news in 2012. It shows alot of their “News at 7” segment when they first launched.


Have Nine starting going with the same route Nine News Canberra/Illawarra did from launch with openers back in the very early days?


Clearly a technical problem.


Natassia Apolloni presenting sport


The weather preview at the start of the bulletin needs to be it’s own local window.

Maybe three different grouped versions,
NQ (Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton),
SQ (Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast),
NT (Darwin).

The weather preview that aired statewide tonight was nearly entirely about Darwin, talking about the amount of rain “we’ve” seen in Darwin this month compared to average, and the rain forecast ahead, with a brief mention of Ex-TC Oma at the end.

Watching this from a local perspective, it seems really bizarre to be hearing all about Darwin