Nine News Regional


No regional news on Queensland tonight due to technical difficulties at QTQ. The metro Brisbane bulletin is airing.


We just had Hot Seat finish, then we saw a second of the end of 9 News Sydney and then suddenly 9 News Brisbane is now airing in Townsville.


Also seen in Brisbane.


“Due to technical difficulties, we’ve been unable to bring you tonight’s edition of 9 Local News. We will have local news updates throughout the night.” just scrolled across the bottom of the screen.



Andrew Lofthouse now presenting from the news room


Oh my, now this is an interesting present for Regional Queensland (and presumably, also Darwin) viewers on the 2nd birthday of Nine News Regional!


Probably quite a bit of frustration in Darwin right now seeing “9 News Queensland” title card appearing on the screen.


Oh no, there is no Darwin news!


As if it wasn’t bad enough, now Brisbane ads.

Ad break starts “there’s only one station that brings you … for Brisbane”.


That’s the pitfall of producing Darwin news from another state. This won’t happen if the bulletin is still produced locally.


NND’s Facebook page has started posting the news windows.


I am not going to speak for Darwin’s audience, I understand that would be difficult, but airing the Brisbane bulletin into regional QLD is perfectly fine, given the circumstances. Viewers wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Come on- just last night you were complaining that Melissa should cover the floods and here she is. It is not like the metro and regional bulletins are that different. Only a 7 minute local window.


Melissa cut off mid-sentence to the start of ACA.

While it was unfortunate to get the whole Brisbane bulletin airing locally tonight, the start of the bulletin with Melissa presenting live from Townsville was great to see. For a moment I thought maybe we were starting with Melissa before transferring to the local bulletin.


Darwin is posting the pre-recorded windows, seems like the issues happened last minute


It definitely wasn’t last minute. No local Morning or Afternoon News, no Gold Coast or regional news. Brisbane 6pm was controlled out of TCN.


What equipment went wrong at QTQ then, maybe transmission back to playout centres which sends them to the transmitters?


Why? What would be the point of that?

There’s just been an hour of news covering the story comprehensively (regardless of whether it was a metro or regional bulletin) and you want another hour doing exactly the same thing?

If you want to do a special, do it later in the evening so you catch people who weren’t home earlier and when you have some sort of meaningful update.


Maybe around 9pm, I guess?


That’s one big reason why i prefer separate local vs national news bulletins, as the metro coverage of major events is much better with more live crosses, better sets, more of the coverage would be in HD, and better quality presenters and reporters.

The local “flavour” of local news comes through much better when it’s in a self contained local bulletin rather than being hidden away in small windows in a networked bulletin.