Nine News Regional


Jane Goldsmith is presenting the weather for NSW/ACT


Seems like everyone else in the presenting team is on holiday.


Who is presenting the Regional QLD edition currently?

I’m overseas at the moment and keep seeing videos posted by 9 News QLD of Samantha Heathwood presenting the Brisbane bulletin


Mia Glover.


From the “Today” thread:

That’s interesting to hear! I wouldn’t have thought that Vanessa O’Hanlon would do community work like that here in the Illawarra, because as you might know, the Nine News Illawarra bulletins are produced in Sydney.


Wouldn’t be hard for her to do the occasional trip - it’s not like they are hours and hours from each other.


Brett McLeod is presenting in Victoria with Hannah McEwan presenting weather this week.


i have noticed that on 9 news in victoria that the local news window as now dropped from 5 min to 3 mins 45 this happned since jo hall went on holidays


This is because of staff leave and the slower news period. It will return to 5 minutes by next month.


Queensland tonight


Nine News Regional QLD and NT are due to have their usual presenters return next week hopefully, however it seems like Sam and Nicole have been getting quite settled into the Brisbane bulletin.


Darwin has returned to the normal 5-6 minute news window, unsure about other areas.


Monday 14 January -

Jo Hall has returned from holidays in Victoria tonight.