Nine News Regional


Only on Christmas Day like last year.


Well, except Christmas Day. Quite not sure if they’ll go on a break on Boxing Day, as well.


The regional editions were on-air for Boxing Day last year, weren’t they?

Anyway, I personally hope there’ll be an on-air mention made of the “special Christmas Day bulletin” at the end of tonight’s regional editions!


I hope so, as well as mentioning their metropolitan partners who’ll present the statewide special.


Victoria are having the Melbourne news from


QLD and NSW are getting the local news. Maybe GTV had no one to anchor.

He is all week.


Old post I know, but Shepparton do get all of Seven News Melbourne.


Carrie-Anne Greenbank presenting in Victoria tonight.


The bulletin is also having highly relevant local content including Melbourne’s Boxing Day sales and minor Melbourne crime. Only one local news report so far.



Former Win News Meteorologist Hannah McEwan has joined Nine and is presenting the weather in Victoria tonight. Not sure what her role will be.


Her Instagram bio says she is a Nine News Weather Presenter/ Meteorologist. I think she might end up on weekend weather duty instead of Justine.


Hopefully she gets the opportunity to fill in on the Melbourne bulletin in 2019.


hey @SydneyCityTV - here’s your cue to try and get her onto TCN News :stuck_out_tongue:


Thursday & Friday -

Carrie-Anne Greenbank presenting in Victoria.


Queensland tonight


I don’t get it, the regional bulletins require 2 people still where the other interstate versions only need 1 and they don’t put 2 people on the Brisbane bulletin which generally has 2 people?


They have done solo presenters on occasions.

QLD caters for eight regional markets, including Darwin- the largest area of coverage for Nine News. So when you add recording 7 local windows to general reporting duties of writing, editing, VOs and news updates, it makes for a very heavy workload for one person.

Why did they get Jono Uptin to join Sam in the first place? Because that is the model for Nine’s QLD market- double headers.


Oh my those sets look horrible! :persevere::persevere:


Monday 31 December -

Carrie-Anne Greenbank is presenting in Victoria again this week.
With Hannah McEwan also presenting weather again this week.