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Can we just point out that there are and have been three competing commercial news bulletins since the introduction of a third commercial network… it’s just that one doesn’t contain local content. I don’t think that adding in some local content on Channel Nine’s news would be a bad thing. The GTV bulletin that already airs has an existing viewership so it could only be a positive change if it were to happen. As for killing WIN, well that’s it’s owners that have done that, not the viewers or lack thereof.


The weather preview seriously needs to be localised and added to the local window.

During the local window we had a full story about an upcoming weekend heatwave.
Then not 10 minutes later, going to the weather preview Sam was talking about temperatures cooling and said “And Sophie, when are the temperatures dropping?”.

Sophie Ryan then presented the weather preview and talked about the cooling temperatures across south east QLD.



I rarely watch, but Sophie Ryan always seems to be on the weather whenever I flick over…


For what it is worth, Victorian weather presenter Sonia Marinelli returned from maternity leave in early September. Alexandra O’Keefe presented for 4 months.


These bulletins seriously need to open on local content.
We just had the opening headlines full of quite significant local stories as the bulletin opened and then Sam and Paul appeared and introed the first story about some random Sydney resident who was killed in Athens, Greece.

Completely irrelevant and non-interesting to local viewers.


not a random, an underground figure linked to Roxy Jacenko, the Ibrahims and other “shady” characters.


Maybe not random to people living in Sydney, but definitely not people anyone in this part of the country has heard of or cares about


Nicole Rowles live from Mackay for the weather preview - not sure why


You are being a little rude. Remember it is a composite bulletin, NOT a local news bulletin.

That story was a national story… so they begin with it.
SR, BR or MR (those are the regional codes. eg…M=Melbourne, R=Regional.) will not open with Betty and her cap park issues… those stories are left to WIN.

Nine will cover what matters, important national stuff and the local bits that matter.


They only started to do exclusively local stories in the headlines this year. It is to seem local- not necessarily covering the top news stories.


It’s not being rude it’s stating the obvious. These bulletins are an absolute waste of time and money when the top stories aren’t relevant to the intended audience ie local markets. It’s no wonder that Seven Qld wipes the floor with ratings, they know what the locals actually want to see at 6… local news from their own communities.


I know it’s a composite bulletin. I watch it as I prefer the composite format personally.

Yes; this was a national story, yes it deserved to be covered in the bulletin. But not as the opener. There was nothing about that story that warranted its place as the opening story for the Regional QLD bulletin.A Sydney underground figure that locals would have never heard of, killed somewhere overseas. That’s something that should have been left until 6:20.

Honestly, knowing locals, knowing how parochial they are. I’m confident in saying, anyone who happened to catch the opening of that bulletin and considered watching would have kept going as soon as they saw that opening story when the headlines had just not 10 seconds earlier mentioned quite a lot of significant local stories.

Other markets may not have been the same but there was a bunch of significant local stories tonight that would have easily opened any capital city bulletin if they were stories that had happened in that local market.


In theory. SNSW/ACT regularly leads with or has Sydney traffic or crime in the first block. They need to realise their audience isn’t in Sydney, even if all the producers are.


If those are Nine’s priorities I think they’re in the wrong order.
Viewers want important local stuff and the national bits that matter, not the other way around.

That’s not the type of stuff that should open any bulletins. Townsville is the largest city in northern Australia. Significant news occurs here too that isn’t just some car park issues.
In news tonight for example, a stabbing in an inner city suburb which caused a major police incident, a car chase in the city where the offender had multiple children in the vehicle, local paramedics being assaulted at an incident, a major car accident that closed a major local arterial for more than an hour. All worthy of opening the Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne news if they’d happened in those markets.

Viewers tuning into “9 News North QLD” at 6pm want to hear about what caused their commute home to be 1 hour longer, what happened with that stabbing or the car chase. Yet they get “first tonight, Sydney underground figure (so and so) has been killed in Greece”. They see that and think, “I thought this was supposed to be Nine News North QLD”


Thank you for that post @NQCQTV2 - that’s pretty much what I’d say to “insider101” except a viewer account from someone actually in a Nine News Regional market is probably a bit more credible than a post from some guy in suburban Sydney going off 2nd hand information!

My life may revolve mostly around the Sydney metropolitan area & surrounds but even I realise that there’s a lot of stories that happen here which quite simply, don’t deserve to be broadcast on national news programs let alone local ones which are broadcast in other parts of the country. Sadly, our largely Sydney-centric national media outlets (including, but not limited to Nine) often don’t.

I’d actually go as far as saying that some of those stories you mentioned (like the car chase in the city, if there were great pictures available since TV news loves stories with great pictures) would almost be worthy of statewide coverage if it’s a particularly slow day in the metro markets. Maybe not bulletin leading stuff, but probably worthy of a place at least early on during the 2nd block.


I don’t think you can say that it should only be a local story first or only a national story first. I watch Southern Cross because it is a composite bulletin and I like the mix of the local, national and international throughout it. It will very much depend on the story of the day as to what takes the opening, often it is local (e.g. Launceston or Hobart), often it is state (e.g. politics) or often it is national or international. While templates and formats are good, they need to have some flex in them.


I fully agree. They need to be flexible to start on national one day, and local the next.
Yesterday was the day they should have started on local, as the national story had no interest to the viewers.

Other days when something of national significance is occurring, of course they should open on that.

The point i’m making is, in yesterday’s example, the local stories were far more significant than the national story that played first, so we should have opened on local on that instance.


Bridie Barry is co-anchoring in Queensland/Darwin tonight.


Nicole Rowles presenting the weather preview live from The Strand here in Townsville


One stories that aired tonight on the regional QLD bulletin featured the sign off “Jayde Cotic… Nine Gold Coast News”