Nine News Content and Appearance


Not sure if this is the correct forum to discuss this on, but I find this poll quite interesting. TVTonight readers have voted Nine the least progressive network in regards to women.
When you consider that they have the first breakfast program to be anchored by two females; thier news reporters are majoritively women; their national current affairs show is fronted by a women; and their flagship current affairs program (60minutes) is made up of 4 women, compared to only 2 men; I think they are debatably the most progressive network.



I’d guess that Nine got a low result in that poll because even though they’ve got quite a lot of women in high profile on-air roles, with few exceptions the majority of their on-air female (and male, to be fair) presenters/reporters are Caucasian in skin colour.

TBH I was actually surprised that SBS ranked lower than Ten in that poll.


Not helped by the fact that Nine’s current problems with Today started when they reportedly wouldn’t grant pay parity to Lisa Wilkinson. A lot of commentary at the time of Nine being a boy’s club.


I’d say that result is nothing to do with on air presence, more to do with Nine’s infamous reputation when it comes to treatment of women within the business over the years.


Melbourne Afternoon News is from Alexandra Gardens on this public holiday Monday.



I’m a little surprised Nine didn’t do an NBN News on NBN News tonight (aka. logo cover up).


Technical problem, maybe.


Caps from Gold Coast tonight


It wasn’t just the “First On” Super, but an “Exclusive Footage” Watermark as well!

While it’s hard to argue against Nine’s use of Ruth-Wynn Williams as the reporter outside Sydney court, I still think real progress won’t be truly made until we’re seeing NBN reporters on TCN for Northern NSW stories rather than what happens far too often - reporters from Sydney travelling up North for relatively minor stories and occasionally even competing against NBN (such as that time both NBN & Nine mic flags were seen at a Central Coast Mariners press conference)!

On a different note, I guess the “NSW Election 2019” report graphics might be of some interest even if they’ve been in use for a few weeks now:


Those graphics don’t look nice at all.


Yeah, incorporating the state badge (golden lion & eight point stars on the St George cross, as per the NSW flag) into the “O” of 2019 would’ve looked better than having the state map there IMO.


Hey, I much prefer that wideshot for the crosses to sport and weather. I always thought that OTS one was awkward.

And I still don’t agree with you, here. Have your resident Sydney reporters cover the stories for familarity but more importantly class.


The incident might have occurred in Northern NSW but this story was about court with the hearing in Sydney. As for the first on graphics, you can only imagine they were burnt onto the original file and archived like that.


Odd that they didn’t do the state badge considering that’s what they they did for SA last year.


Local news for Queensland this morning at 11:30am


Any chance of video? :slight_smile:


Sorry unfortunately not. A couple more caps though.


A new voiceover from Matthew O’Sullivan debuted on the Gold Coast tonight, replacing the Peter Harvey V/O. No reference to 50 Cavill Avenue Surfers Paradise anymore.


Monday and Tuesday saw a new view of the coast for the opener but the voice over was the same.

Tonight a different scene was followed by a shot of the studio with "This is Nine Gold Coast news with Bruce Paige and Eva Milic.