Nine News Content and Appearance


The 6pm news came out of studio 23 when Mark Ferguson was hosting (the whole thing was a green screen). From memory the 6pm news moved into studio 21 in 2009 when the renovations were done to S23 (national news was also done down there during the renos).


I don’t think it existed. I believe the newsroom and exchange were renovated in 2010.


Friday -Sunday
30 minute 6pm bulletins in Melbourne with Australian Open Pre-Show scheduled to start at 6.30pm.


EPG on Nine Sydney confirms this as well.


Fair enough to shorten the 6pm news if the tennis was scheduled to start before 7pm but a pre-game show? Not sure about that, Nine…


Who cares - it’s a long weekend and the Friday and Saturday bulletins are chock full of filler.

I’m yet to be convinced the one-hour bulletins are any good, particularly on Friday and Saturdays.


I prefer 1 hour of news to 30 mins of news plus 30 mins of current affairs.

By 7pm, I’ve generally had my news fix by then and I don’t bother with ACA.

30 mins for news seems too short to me.


Obviously there was always a newsroom and a news exchange. Just that they incorporated it into the set in 2010- which is what I was saying.

The EP would struggle to condense all the news, sport, weather and consumer reports back to 30 minutes again. Not to mention that the 60 min bulletin has helped Nine maintain their lead in Sydney and Melbourne, which has struggled against Seven, after their lead in.


Possible error on the 5pm news with Melbourne backdrop and titlecard airing on the screens


Studio 23 did exist before the renovations (just not how it is now - it was fully enclosed). The 6pm news was done in there for years. Before that the news was done from an open set on the newsroom floor.


I think its on purpose for Australian Open finals.


Yeah, Brisbane is getting a local bulletin with Sam Heathwood. @TV.Cynic they’re using the newsroom backdrop.


Special 3pm Perth bulletin:


The sad thing is, I actually reckon there have been signs of something similar starting to happen at Nine News Sydney recently. Although the bulletin is still #1 in the ratings most of the time, the 100k+ ratings gaps of fairly recent years are no more.

The lack of focus on improving their weather coverage or providing much needed stability to the Friday/Saturday bulletins against Seven’s “potential future Overton challenger” presenter seem to be signs that TCN are starting to become complacent with their success.


Nine Early News was farcical this morning - news feed was 48 hours old, Lizzie kept missing her cues, wrong camera angles and then the ad break before the weather cut out in the middle to start Today. So no weather at all.


TCN is using a new program this year, hence the number of errors. It was implemented over the weekend. Weekend Today saw similar technical errors too.


4pm Brisbane


Nine News At 4PM Sydney is aired in Perth.




I don’t know but even if Tracy Vo has returned from her holiday, it seems like that STW9 isn’t ready for Nine Live Perth.