Nine News Content and Appearance


Brisbane has resurrected the North South East West news promo. Couple of versions have aired - each has one story different.


I don’t think it helps that Nine News Queensland doesn’t do an Opening Set Wideshot to accompany the voiceover, like Sydney, Melbourne and possibly some of the other markets.

Realistically I’m not expecting the next major On-Air Presentation changes for Nine News Sydney to happen until the move to North Sydney. Even then, I wouldn’t be overly surprised if the current sets remain in use (with possibly minor tweaks along the way) for a decade or close to it.

Although I’d personally still like to hear an update to the Nine News theme music, especially since the current version has been used for nearly 11 years and is now being used in ways it was never originally intended to (with the sound effects and as a bed for Newsbreaks, etc.).


7s been running with “news that matters” for a while…


Beats me why TCN considers a Mornington Peninsula beach box sale suitable content for the Sydney bulletin. I know they’re iconic in Victoria but they’ve never really been a thing connected to Sydney’s superior beach culture.


I think it was the attraction of a cheap place by the beach, but a bit misleading and not very relevant to Sydney.


Presumably a decision made by the work experience kids currently having a go as bulletin producers over the Summer holidays? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think @Sully would completely disagree with you on that one! :laughing:


Particularly when the Mornington Peninsula is concerned!


I don’t think any Melburnian would dare take on Sydney’s iconic beaches :wink: In all seriousness, we’ve got one - St Kilda and that’s essentially a swamp, also attracting nasty rallies and questionable people/activities!

Melbourne is the only city in Australia with a bay as opposed to an actual open ocean, so the less than ideal beaches come with that territory.

For what its worth though, bias probably LOL, but the beaches down on the M’ton Pen are quite lovely/clean/shallow/family friendly/picturesque. Same for the Surf Coast and Phillip Island (though the former is of course opean ocean and surf waves so less family friendly)

:beach_umbrella: :ocean:

Random Thread

Australian Open themed graphics


I can understand the reasoning behind the Australian Open tennis ball titlecard, but gosh it is so ugly, the tennis ball makes it look so tacky.


Planet tennis ball :tennis: :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow. And I thought Nine News couldn’t do a more tacky transition graphic than that Lord Of The Rings-esque “Bushfire Emergency” one! :confused:


Brisbane has Moreton Bay?

And before you say that Brisbane’s CBD is away from the bay or some other attempt to justify your wrong comment, Melbourne’s CBD isn’t near the ocean either. And beaches on Moreton Bay are bad too. And there are suburbs of Brisbane’s along Moreton Bay, not the same as St Kilda, but still developed.

Do you just automatically think Melbourne is the greatest city because it has a bay?




Think he’s dunked on you there Sully.


Some snaps of tonight’s Melbourne bulletin.


Australian Open supers;


Good to see they’ve finally gotten rid of the Impact fonts. It looks much more professional.


I think they removed that font a few months after the relaunch.
And I agree, it looked disgusting.


The 9News Brisbane 60 years promo I just saw was woeful. Music, logo, content, pace of the ad… all terrible. Not appealing at all.


When does 9 news Melbourne at 4pm come back on?