Nine News Content and Appearance


Budget cuts at 9 Brisbane - no more $100 notes in promos :wink:


Or maybe they are starting to realise that too much sensationalism doesn’t rate, with Seven News Brisbane winning the 2018 ratings year…


They just need to stop with the CGI money altogether!


View from Nine Gold Coast office of lightning strike this afternoon.


There was a live cross to Your Money’s Brooke Corte during Sydney’s Afternoon News today regarding the sharemarket.


Here’s what Nine’s Afternoon News Queensland opened today for some comparison with Seven, the desk with ‘Breaking News’ and a cross to Garry Youngberry for the tornado warnings


Brisbane sports tonight

Darren Lockyer is an inductee tonight.


@TV.Cynic Did Nine win any of the year’s ratings for their local Afternoon News? I know they lost Brisbane.

I wonder if Nine revert back to national Afternoon News as a PoD? It will save resources.


Without seeing the figures I’d be willing to bet that Nine’s 4pm news is winning or at the very least, ratings competitive in Sydney.

I hope not. Seven most likely would not have launched a Sydney edition of the 4pm news if Nine didn’t localise theirs 2-3 months earlier so if Nine were to go back to a national (or semi-national) edition of the Afternoon News, Seven would probably very quickly follow suit!

Also, would reverting back to a national (or semi-national) bulletin really save that much on resources? From what I’ve seen, the packages shown during the local 4pm news are often just a “teaser” for the full version at 6pm.


Sorry don’t know. The ratings for Seven are listed as Seven News at 4 and Seven News at 4.30 and for Nine it is Nine Afternoon News. Both of Seven’s rating numbers are usually a long way clear of Nine. If on a given day Nine rated 160,000, both segments of Seven’s News would be well over 200k. Sydney is the only market where Nine is remotely competitive. I’m surprised to read that Nine managed to win any weeks in Brisbane as at the moment they are running at half the audience of Seven - perhaps it was in weeks affected by sport or special events or rolling coverage.


Promo seen tonight

Prior to this I thought that Nine had dropped the number one tagline as for the last couple of weeks promos I’d seen promos ended like this. Perhaps there were others?


Didn’t Seven win in sydney last year for Afternoon news? I recall her saying before Christmas “thank you for making us number 1 at 4PM”


Anyone reckon we will see a minor refresh from Seven and Nine presentation/news to coincide with Ten’s news/network refresh?


Spoken like a true ‘relaunch addict’ :slight_smile:


Spot on the money! :money_mouth_face:


I reckon Nine News will continue running their current look for all of 2019, with the move from Willoughby to North Sydney being the event which sparks the next relaunch of Nine News and possibly the whole network. Even at this distance, I can just imagine a possible major promotional campaign for Sydney with powerful, emotive voiceovers about Nine News’ history and how the tradition is continuing at their new home, etc.

As for Seven News, they did what seemed to be a reactionary “half graphics relaunch” on the same date as the Ten Eyewitness News relaunch on 16/9/2013 so I wouldn’t entirely rule out the possibility of them repeating history.


Really? Not only is Ann a superior anchor, the quality of Seven Sydney Afternoon News, from what I have seen, is signifcantly better than Nine.e.


Alicia Loxley on Melbourne News tonight just introduced the Royal Wedding report and said Europe correspondent Amelia Best has the highlights … :joy:


News for Brisbane ran 7:04 - 7:34


It wouldn’t be a Royal Tour of Australia without some garish special graphics (well OK, the in-report ones aren’t too harsh on the eye but I’m not keen on the others)! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As expected, Sophie Walsh will be a Royal Tour correspondent for Nine News.

While I’m here, it was also great to see a report from Melbourne’s Neary Ty during our bulletin this evening: