Nine News Content and Appearance


Love that new backdrop in Adelaide. Also good to see sport presenter and plasma added to the desk.

QUEENSLAND: No changes except for the new ‘9 News/AT 4PM’ bug and opener.


@SydneyCityTV Has the ‘national’ bulletin been rebranded as ‘9 LIVE’ like Adelaide, Queensland and Perth’s local bulletins?


No. There were no changes at all.


I didn’t catch it unfortunately but from what I’ve been told, there have been no changes made to the semi-national Sydney-produced edition of Nine’s Afternoon News.


Nooo! What happened to the nice integrated weather area as seen in the promo?


9Live Queensland


Can we at least have the new newsroom graphic seen on the 5pm News instead of the national backdrop from 2007.


because its being unveiled @ 6pm news according to 9news via twitter


I was referring to the fact that Nine didn’t secretly launch a new “live” bulletin for Melbourne, and that they are instead receiving the national bulletin.


they were doing finishing touches to the new set


has nothing to do with it. Could’ve been presented in front of a green screen if it were the case :stuck_out_tongue:


salty posted the New Set an Hour ago above


You’re not getting my point…


Video of the new Melbourne set on Facebook. Looks awesome, heaps bigger than the old set, and Peter is right at home there.


If he is so cozy there, is Peter Hitchener going to put a bed under the set and live there a la George Costanza??



Any stream links?


9now ?


New opening supers


Zomg new set