Nine Network 'Warehouse' On-Air Presentation (May-December 2006)


In May 2006, Channel Nine revamped portions of its On-Air Presentation, including their Idents & Sponsors

This change only came after the original revamp just five months earlier, in which the Network dropped the
dots in favour of the numerical (Nine) in a box.

The look would continue to be used until December 2006, when the struggling Network yet again revamped
into a Summer themed package, using many of the elements from this look. The Network didn’t completely revamp until January 2007.

(May 2006-January 2007)

Ident: Coming Soon

Lineup(s): Whilst using the same formula from the previous package, the Lineups now (mainly) involved Network personalities holding the logo

Promos: Blue

Promos: Orange

Sponsor Billboard:

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The WORST on-air look ever.


The absolutely appalling On-Air Presentation package that Nine used in 2007 (capping off an abysmal year for the network) was probably even worse but yeah, the 2006 “Warehouse” look was also pretty bad.



You’d never think it’s only 11 years old. So incredibly dated and gross and such a massive step back from the 2004-2006 look.


2007 says hi


Nine relaunched in 2006 by dropping the famous dots and replacing it with a blue box with the ‘9’ in it before the start of the 2006 TV ratings seasons and the 50th anniversary of Australian television

Launching the Nine Box logo was the beginning of the end for Nine as “Still the One”. The Nine dots logo was reinstated in January 2008 which is used to this day.


WIN Television ident with Jamie Durie:


Fun fact: that’s actually the watermark WIN used in 2006, rather than an ident.


and yet people still have the gut to complain about the watermark these days :angry:


2007 with the rotating box was 10x better than this crap.


National nine news sponsor billboards in 2006

Thanks to zampakid for the videos of National nine news Melbourne in 2006.
Most of the time, veteran v/o Steve Britten will do the Sponsor billboards during the warehouse on air presentation. He will say ‘This news update, Brought to you by [insert sponsor here]’.


The orange and blue moving lines always reminded me of Ten from around 2001/02 (might need to check the dates).

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NBN television back in 2006

Trivia: the music was similar to the one Nine used in October 2006.


Did NBN seriously expect people to read that whole line-up in 10 seconds.


Taken from September 28 2006 (Nine Melbourne IIRC) from the AFL Footy Show Grand Final edition
Garry Lyon

Billy Brownless standing (The 50 Years of Channel 9 watermark - this was where they got rid of the dots and placed it as a standalone Nine logo.

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50 years of Nine, I remember collecting those Herald Sun box sets ‘through the decades’


50 Years of Nine. Back in 2006, Nine removes the dots and placed it as a standalone square logo. THis was to coincide with the 50 years of Channel 9 celebrations. The PRG back during the 2006 was dreadful presentation and this had reflected the downfall of Channel 9 following the death of Kerry Packer in late 2005. That year marked the end of the afl broadcasting rights deal with Channel 7/10 getting the rights from 2007.