Nine Network - Programs and Schedules

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Surfing Australia has also been removed from Nine’s forward schedule.


The show get’s OK total people numbers but the demos are not very good up against Playing for Keeps and 9-1-1.


Aka Burnoff time.


Schedule Update - now double Chicago Med

Thursday 15 November
10:30 pm Chicago Med S3 Ep08


This is starting to look like a mess…

I’d also wondered if Nine would use their ‘Saturday ploy’ yet, as seen at other times this year (though bombed on all accounts), stripping FFF across Saturday night for promotion, to boost ratings and satisfy advertisers?


It’s already airing as Saturday daytime content, doing it as Saturday night also would be overkill.
I’d argue 9 have done the Saturday night stuff with more successful programming (The Voice springs to mind), not programming like Family Food Fight.


Small weird development

After screening in America in 2015/2016, Nine finally returns the series Unforgettable to the schedule with the previously unaired fourth and final season. It has been airing on 9Gem Mondays at 10pm.

All of a sudden, 9Gem stopped airing new eps and just randomly started showing repeats


Didn’t air any new eps as far as I’m aware…


In saying that 1 ep was scheduled and then the next week the guide had a repeat so yes they probably did not air that first ep. Thanks for that.

I wonder why they changed their mind. The final ep aired 22nd Jan 16


It will not continue like this. This is to bring us up to date with America.
Episode 7 airs in America on the 12th, which is the 13th here.
So the show is about 36 hours behind America now


Week commencing 18 November 2018

Sunday 18 November
07:00 pm 60 Minutes
08:00 pm RBT
08:30 pm Olympus Has Fallen (2013)
10:45 pm Taken Series Premiere
11:40 pm Conspiracy S1 Ep11

Monday 19 November
07:30 pm Family Food Fight S2 Ep09
08:40 pm Jason Bourne (2016)
11:10 pm Better Late Than Never Rpt

Tuesday 20 November
07:30 pm Family Food Fight S2 Ep10
09:00 pm The Big Bang Theory S12 Ep06
09:30 pm The Big Bang Theory Rpt
10:00 pm Kath and Kim x 2 Rpt
11:10 pm Mom S5 Ep 07 and 08

Wednesday 21 November
07:30 pm Young Sheldon S2 Ep05
08:00 pm Young Sheldon Rpt
08:30 pm The Big Bang Theory S12 Ep07
09:00 pm The Big Bang Theory Rpt
09:30 pm Manifest S1 Ep07
10:30 pm Lethal Weapon Rpt
11:25 pm Rizzoli & Isles Rpt

Thursday 22 November
07:30 pm Driving Test
08:00 pm RBT
08:30 pm Paramedics S1 Ep08
09:30 pm Chicago Med S3 Ep09 and 10
11:30 pm Imposters S1 Ep05 and 06

Friday 23 November
07:30 pm Vet on the Hill
08:35 pm Movie: The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016)
11:00 pm Movie: Mortal Instruments (2013)

Saturday 24 November
07:00 pm World of Dance S1 Ep04
08:00 pm Movie: Meet The Parents (2000)
10:10 pm Movie: The Wedding Ringer (2015)

05:00 pm Election 2018 - Victoria Decides
06:00 pm Nine News
06:30 pm Election 2018 - Victoria Decides
10:30 pm Movie: The Wedding Ringer (2015)

Movies on TV

Taken had 2 series. They have previously been seen on Foxtel.


Nine Melbourne has Victorian State Election coverage on November 24.


That schedule is awful. Repeats galore and movies occupying key primetime timeslots. They must do better. They’re not programming for the whole year, this looks like a summer schedule.


And here we are saying Seven’s schedule is weak. Nine’s look absolutely woeful and just won’t rate.


We sound like a broken record but every week they never fail to disappoint.


It’s a very typical Channel 9 schedule filled with long running shows on the network, US dramas and movies. If you don’t generally watch much on Channel 9, this schedule won’t change your mind.


Could this just be Nine not really trying? Knowing (from Seven’s early press release some weeks ago) that they’ve lost the year by a mile, in more metrics than one.
I can see Nine not winning another night (maybe excluding another Sunday if they can pull that off again) between tonight and end of survey?

And Ten are just limping home, if even.


Is Nine still winning the ratings in (arguably) their most important market of Sydney for 2018? If they’ve lost it to Seven, that’s absolutely disastrous.


Still being advertised as 8:30pm on TV. Just saw this air 5 minutes ago. (Apologies for the quick iPhone photo)