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…and with many big name advertisers now producing and having their TV commercials air in HD (something that didn’t really happen up until about 2012-13), wouldn’t they want their ads to be seen in the highest quality possible?

Additionally the advertisers will only pay for the number of viewers they reach (or percent of viewers). So even a small drop in viewers watching the local advert will mean less spend on NBN - the companies will go to other stations or other means of advertising to reach the missing numbers that are their target.

I don’t know if NBN have been doing this all year, but they have sponsored Newcastle Jets defender Jason Hoffman, who wears number 3. :wink:

You do the math. And no, don’t remind me of the scoreline versus Perth Glory.

Nine Ent Co Press Release

Nine Entertainment Co. today announced a raft of initiatives for the regional NBN service in northern NSW which mean viewers will soon receive a range of new programs already proven to be a success in metropolitan markets. 9Life and 9HD will be launched in northern NSW in the coming months.

Hugh Marks, CEO of NEC, said that as part of this rollout Deborah Wright, CEO of NBN, will move to a broader NEC-wide role to evolve and integrate across the business a broader regional focus, as Director of Regional Strategy.

Kylie Blucher, Managing Director of QTQ, will take over the senior role at NBN and will now be the Managing Director both QTQ and NBN.


Notice the wording 9HD as opposed to NBN HD.


Hmm…very interesting. I doubt they’ll rebrand to Nine though, if only because of the overlap with QTQ and TCN on the Northern and Southern fringes of the NBN licence area.

Good news for NBN viewers is there a rebrand coming soon?

one of the big changes is that Mosbri Crescent is being sold and all of NBN playout will be done from Sydney.

I firmly expect to see NBN rebrand as “9NBN” and then slowly phased out to just “9”.

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The sale of Mosbri Cresent leads to an important question: What will happen to NBN News? Would it become “Nine NBN News” or “NBN Nine News” before being phased out for Nine or what?

this part of the release interested me:

CEO Hugh Marks said, “Deborah’s wealth of experience and knowledge will be invaluable to NEC as we move to the next stage of our engagement with regional audiences. As Director of Regional Strategy, Deborah’s remit will involve not just our television business but our overall media and content strategy.”

“next stage of our engagement with regional audiences” = bye bye WIN, we’re coming for you.

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If that were to happen, I’d imagine that very many WIN viewers would be celebrating in the streets! :laughing:

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if it does change to 9, it explains the lack of updates of the signposts/PRGs etc.

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Given that 9 Gold Coast now has its own watermark, you’d think that Nine must think there is some value in highlighting a local network. Perhaps it will be a :::9 with a small NBN watermark plus a couple of NBN idents around the local news.


Do you think 9 will want to buy WIN? Or go another direction.

NBN News just confirmed 9Life and 9HD… So since HD is a simulcast, it definitely means bye bye NBN.


May as well do it in one hit. Nine Newcastle, Nine Northern Rivers, etc. Ideally moving to the 9 LCN wherever they can.

NBN has kinda lost the branding war with the National Broadband Network anyway.


It seems like the 9HD brand with be introduced to Newcastle and Northern NSW - rather than an HD version of NBN, which bigs a few questions.

I think NBN has 6 local feeds for the different areas of Northern NSW for local news and advertising. Considering viewership of the HD channel will be quite high, I would imagine they will have all 6 local feeds in HD as they need that to be able to sell advertising. If people start watching the HD channel (even 15%) and NBN can’t sell local advertising through 6 local HD feeds - revenue would really start t drop.

So, it seems they will have 6 local feeds of 9HD, which means you will be seeing local Newcastle ads or local Coffs Harbour ads with 9HD branding around them. So what does that mean for promos. All 9HD? What does that mean for NBN News? NBN News on 9HD? Bit messy.

I think this will see the start of the phase out of the NBN brand t just Channel 9. I think they will do it in phases to appease local outcry “Sydney has taken over our local TV” - well Sydney took over local TV in Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide when local station brands became just “Channel 9” decades ago.

I think promos will run just a 9 promos. They will be supplemented with local IDs and a slightly modified local NBN logo which will have the 9, the dots and NBN. In VO it will be called 9NBN. News will be rebranded “9NBN News” etc

And over on 9HD it ill just be 9HD, no mention of NBN.

Anyone agree / disagree?

This Deborah lady - the CEO of NBN, has promoted to “Director or regional strategy” to develop synergies between NBN and the network the press release says. NBN and QTQ will be managed by the same person - so that tells you that will start to be treated similarly - rather than NBN being an island as it is now. You can expect this lady to bring many QTQ ideas over to NBN. This could mean rebranding the news set graphics etc to match 9. Also the press release said the synergies will go beyond television. Which tells you local news content could start to make it’s way to - and NBN could have its local streams added to 9Now.

In a few years from now - there won’t be any difference between QTQ or GTV, and NBN.

the 9-ification has already started, some promos slip through with “join Nine’s new” etc.

The “Here Come The Habibs” promos running currently do that - “join Nine’s new family friendly… on NBN”

Usually if that happened NBN would quickly change it - these days they let them go.

Also - no new signposts or PRG, which to me says they’re waiting for the Frenchs Forest playout changeover, plus the rebranding to occur.

Mind you - we could all be wrong! :stuck_out_tongue:

pretty sure that Nine is just a simulcast in HD, so that wouldn’t happen surely.

pretty sure that Nine is just a simulcast in HD, so that wouldn’t happen surely.

I see your point, but the press release said 9HD is coming, not NBN HD

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