Nickelodeon (formerly 10Shake)

Blackbox can reveal 10 is launching a third multichannel “MTV Australia”

The move would see shows like T een Mom/Teen Mom Australia, Catfish, The Hills and Geordie Shore land on the free-to-air channel and lift 10’s multichannel and daily ratings share offering significantly

Importantly it would reconnect the third-placed network with an all-important younger market they’ve struggled to attract in recent years.


This is a huge get.


Wow! This is awesome


What would this mean for Foxtel and Fetch, if anything? If the same product (albeit with more ads?) is available on FTA then I would imagine it wouldn’t be as much of a value proposition for either service, with people able to get the channel elsewhere for free.


Perhaps the multichannel might show older series/shows whereas MTV on Foxtel/Fetch will be where latest series/new shows premier?


It’ll likely be a different broadcast but similar content. Unless MTV has a deal in place where they can’t premiere stuff on another channel first I don’t see why they can’t air the same content.

I wonder if this will see content from Comedy Central end up on 10’s channels as well?

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Great news , sorry if this sounds dumb but isn’t this just what Ch 11 was like before it turned into Peach ? More youth skewed? So what will they do with Peach then? Peach is a bit all over the place, is it female skewed?

Funny this story appears today, was just thinking last night how Ten needed another channel.


I wonder the same with 2 food channels on free to air and a lifestyle channel 9 Life, who would pay for Foxtel to get Lifestyle/Food anymore.

Great news for 10. I wonder whether we will now get more Australian content on MTV.

Will be interesting to see how this ties in with 10 All Access/Play.


I’d like to see 10 ditch Peach in some way. Move Neighbours to Bold and make Peach 10Comedy - so the comedy channel.


Agree with this. Bold becomes the home of drama/sport, Peach for kids/comedy, MTV for music/reality.


Who is to say Neighbours couldn’t be part of MTV? It’s fit the audience skew wouldn’t it?


Too bad it’s only the main channel (regular MTV is crap now). Would overly prefer either V Hits, MAX, MTV Classic and MTV Hits since I think Ten would prefer a proper music channel.


MTV hasnt been a music channel for eons now

a music channel would be good though, id imagine it would be expensive to licence though


Every channel still needs to show a certain amount of Australian content.

Yeah I do forget that. Could they not just do comedy specials etc on ‘Peach/Comedy’ channel?

Get access to the Melbourne Comedy Festivals etc.

I guess they could.

The other thing is, Neighbours is the highest rating show on 10 Peach. Take it away and then what happens? Do ratings collapse for the whole channel?

Maybe Roxy’s show could be a good fit for the channel if they were to commission it for a series?

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Fair points. Peach doesn’t get huge shares but I guess they are fair. I do wonder whether a comedy channel could rate higher. But I guess they could add some of the comedy content to Peach as well.

I agree 10 Peach needs a better name and a relaunch but restricting it to comedy is not the answer. 10Bold has worked but everyone can see that the 10Peach branding has failed to deliver ratings.

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I have to say that I’m not particularly thrilled about this news since it’ll likely kill off any chances of a 2nd HD channel from Network Ten because let’s be realistic here - they’re not likely to axe TVSN or 15 Spree TV anytime soon!

If Ten are allowed to do this, surely it’d make sense for The Loop to be moved from 10 Peach to any new MTV Australia channel?