NewsWeary wants to know about your shower preferences

There was a news story about supermarkets removing certain lines from grocery aisles a couple of months ago because tastes and preferences are changing. Soap was one of the items that was to get less shelf space because it’s falling in popularity in favour of shower gel.

Just interested to know how many amongst us still prefer soap. I have both in my shower but I feel cleaner when I’ve scrubbed myself with a bar of soap and don’t feel as clean when I only use the shower gel.

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Soap is bad for your skin, and a bar of soap is gross hanging around in the shower.

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A pump pack of QV or Cetaphil is the way to go.


@TVHead depending on what type of soap you use,l use medicated soap.

Any tips on getting a more thorough clean using shower gels? I find loofahs to be very unhygienic and I feel like I’m spreading yesterday’s dirt over myself when I use them. I’d prefer to use shower gels because they are less harsh on the skin, although I’m told I look ten years younger than my actual age. They also tend to make the shower appear less dirty (hate scrubbing off that soap scum on cleaning day).

In my early teens, I’d find bar soap would make me itchy after washing so switched to shower gel and never looked back. Usually use the Original Source ones.

I know this is a strange thing to bring up on a media related site but I am genuinely interested. I do get a bit dry and itchy around my torso, particularly during the colder months. I’ve tried the gels but keep going back to soaps.

I use Imperial Leather Triple Moisturising Bodywash, and don’t use a loofah. I was using Dove bars about 7 years ago but found that they only last about four showers.

@NewsWeary have you tried soaps for sensitive skin?

@littlegezzybear the size of bars of soap has been reduced so much over the years.l remember when l was younger a bar of soap was literally double the size compared to what we get now.

I’ve tried Dove but my skin feels a bit clammy after I use it no matter how much I rinse.

@Salty yes, I remember the old Palmolive Gold lasting a couple of weeks, and yes they were bigger than what’s available now.

I use Dove soap at home but Radox shower gel when I travel.

QV and a 90 second lukewarm shower - hot water and a long time under it damages skin and pores

I pee in the shower.


Not surprising for you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@OnAir And I bet you rock out the lynx Africa shower gel too

@mubd TMI :flushed:

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I’m more a Lynx Black guy.

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I have both too. Soap is good for getting up the nooks and crannies #toomuchinfo? and lasts longer for each wash.

Not sure this required it’s own thread but thanks for the feedback, anyway.

I suppose it beats walking around the neighbourhood peaking in bathroom windows to see what people are using.:stuck_out_tongue:

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