formerly known as 3 News.

MediaWorks’ new multi-platform news service will launch on February 1.

Newshub, an integrated digital, TV and radio news service, will provide breaking news and in-depth analysis across MediaWorks’ TV and radio channels, as well as online through a mobile app and website, the company says.

Newshub Live at 6pm will be presented by Mike McRoberts and Hilary Barry, while Jeff McTainsh will present Newshub Midday.

“Journalism is all about communities, and with our integration our ‘community’ has just got a lot wider,” McRoberts says.

Newsworthy will be rebranded as Newshub Late, and be hosted by Samantha Hayes. The weekend news bulletin will be hosted by Melissa Davies and Tom McRae, both of whom are returning from overseas posts.

It’s quite a revolutionary step. Might take a bit of getting used to (especially for the TV News bulletins), but if it works, it works.

Woah… amongst the changes at TV3…

  1. Senior Christchurch staff Jeff Hampton and Phil Corkery will leave the network ahead of the Newshub launch on February 1.

  2. Weekend news duo Carolyn and Simon will be replaced; Carolyn will be leaving TV3, whilst Simon will continue his stint as a presenter/reporter.

  3. David Farrier will leave the renamed “Newshub Late” to pursue his love for making documentaries.

  4. I assume that Amanda Gillies or Hamish Clark will take over Tom McRae as Australia Correspondent.

  5. After seven years… a new set.

Replacing Melissa Davies as Europe Correspondent is Tova O’Brien. Michael Morrah has been appointed as Pacific Affairs Correspondent; whilst Jenny So, Ashlee Tulloc and Kim Vinnell are in the running for Australia Correspondent - Amanda Gillies is holding the fort until Newshub starts next week.

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Newshub Launch Promo

Looks fantastic, good choice in song.

Off topic, but this is what TEN Eyewitness News relaunch in 2013 should’ve been like as promised. Cutting edge digital & online across multiple platforms.


Last 3 News bulletin before becoming Newshub

> 3 News tonight marks the end of an era. From tomorrow our daily news and sport will be called Newshub.
> Of course, it’s not the first time we’ve had a makeover – there have been some key changes since TV3 began back in 1989.
> The television set was really the only way we used to be able to watch visual news back in 1989 – no digital apps then.
> 3 National converted an old dairy factory into a television station, and it churned out news under that name for nine years.
> In 1991, TV3 was first to switch to a one-hour news bulletin starting at 6pm, and in 1998 the name changed to just “3 News”.
_> Fashion changed, hairstyles changed and owners changed. Late news developed a cult following. _
> Morning television came along in 2007, and was first to introduce radio with pictures last year.
> Sports have always been a feature, with our reporters sometimes putting their bodies on the line and often caught in the crossfire.
> We’ve come to you from all corners of the globe, being there first and staying behind for the story when others have fled, changing lives with investigations, and sometimes simply just changing it up a bit with the lighter moments.
> You’ll notice that old dairy factory-turned-news-studio has had another “zhush” tomorrow. There’s a new name, but as for content some things never change.

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Radio Live News Becomes Newshub

average really… bbc news?


Quite disapointed really with Newshub, I had seen bits and pieces of it before the relaunch but some things don’t seem right.

The graphics, misaligned, out of place, too big or too small. People mocked these types of graphics 6 years ago.

The set, its not bad but way too BBC Newsish, and BBC Newsish in the past as well.

No headlines just straight into presenter after a small bumper bascially, not a fan of that.

They’ve got a great idea and all but the visuals all just seem a step back into the past. I know its first day but yea, minor tweaks and it would be perfect.

Great looking set more nz stories no news items from cbs America makes a great change.
News items are more in depth
The only thing I think could be improved is the weather graphics could be zoomed in closer especially for the visually impaired.
Yes it looks very bbc looking set
Intro could be improved the name newshub I will give it a year before it reverts back to 3 news too many people are mocking the name eg newshub,pornhub.
I hope tv3 improves in the news ratings this year this is a great start .


Love it, very sleek and BBC-esque

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Very 2000

Is that the same set for both programs?

they’ve just ripped off the fake BBC set, looks silly

Well they didnt really rip it off considering the same company designed and built them.

Nice set! Don’t know about the name Newshub though!

Just a tad underwhelmed. The theme for 3 News could have been altered to fit the Newshub approach, the current theme is really, really simple. No headlines? A loss of authority IMO.

I’ve also noticed that the closer is pre-recorded because Story which airs following Newshub uses the same set.