Newshub On Air Refresh Mock


So I have been working on a refresh on Newshub’s On Air Graphics. There have been small tweaks here and there that have been done since it rolled out February 2016. I have also noticed that they haven’t really used their topic icons on the newscasts. This is my idea of refreshing the graphics and integrating the topic icons On Air.

As you see the current graphics in the top two shots which are quite large but they have not changed since Newshub was rolled out. The new graphics integrate the topic icons in their On Air content.

Using the topic icons in all of the Lower Thirds give a better idea of what topic is being covered such as World with the W icon or the hub. icon to indicate a major programming step such as an Update or Coming Up action.

Titles still retain the Helvetica Neue Font that Newshub currently uses and the topic icons are still the same as currently used on the Newshub website.

Here is a video of some of the graphics in use.

Some extra graphics

Breaking News stays the same with the integration of the Large icon of Newshub.

Some examples of the programming information and name titles with different topic icons

As well as some location titles using the small topic icons

Newshub (including The Project NZ)

Nice one. Dare I say it, realistic enough to actually work on TV!

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Love it. One of the best mocks I’ve seen. Very, very cool.

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Excellent work - and as has been said already, I think that would work very well on TV - I especially love your use of the topic icons.

One thing I will say, which perhaps isn’t really anything to do with your mock, is that I wonder whether Newshub could do with a bolder opening? I feel that what they’ve got now is a bit bland, a bit anodyne, a bit nothing-y. I do like the idea of going straight into the news rather than having headlines, but I reckon something like this might be a bit punchier:


Love the NYC Subway vibe. Looks really professional. Nice work!


I’ve done an extra video of this mock in action, kind of a mock promo of graphics loosely based on the Launch promo of Newshub.

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They should update the NewsHub studio like they did with 1 News with the new 3D technology and everything then it will look mean

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Yeah, the new 1 News studio really shows Newshub up now, I think.

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