Newshub (including The Project NZ)


Also Ali Mau is on tonight , got to say I prefer watching the project NZ when Nadine Higgins is Co - hosting
Mary Lambie is also a must watch when she is on , sadly not often


Ryan Bridge filled in for Duncan on AM this morning.


He will be hosting for the rest of the week Duncan is on Holidays


Isn’t Eric Young Duncan’s usual fill-in?


Eric is currently off on leave as he has Heart Surgery and recovers from that.


Oh right. Of course!


Or Mark Sainsbury? I know he has filled in for Duncan, and before that Paul Henry.


I think they wanted to try something different in terms of hosting


Is Mark perhaps, how do I put this? The wrong demographic?
Is Three not chasing a younger audience?
If so, Mark really isn’t the right choice despite his obvious experience and recognition factor.


(24/10/2018) Karen Rutherford presenting Newshub Live at 4pm today.


Always like Karen as a reader when she filled in back in her TVNZ days occasionally, around 2005-06 or so.


I think she also filled in on Sky News/Prime back in the day…


Susie Nordqvist on 4PM and 6PM tonight

Wellington Newshub has a new Newsroom PTC area which Debuted today following renovations.


Gee there’s been a lot of fill-ins lately.


Some screenshots from Newshub at 4pm… they launched with “breaking news” inside the big red dot but I didn’t quite capture it. Lead with the shakey-quake, then on to Harry and Mehgs…


Few changes to Newshub live at 4PM from Monday…


Oh come on, I’m still exhausted from 10’s changes! :grinning:


It’s a small change but a good change.


No more green screen?


To the main set?