Newshub (including The Project NZ)


(16/3/2018) Simon Shepherd presented Newshub Live at 4pm.

(17-18/3/2018) Susie Nordqvist filling in for Melissa Davies on Newshub Live at 6pm this weekend.


In case you missed this. Announced last Friday - Jeremy Corbett to replace Josh Thomson on The Project.

1 down, 1 to go (Jesse)…


He’ll be taking over from Josh Thomson on The Project next Tuesday night.


Nice promo for The Project with some different graphics


(1-2/4/2018) Susie Nordqvist presenting with Tom McRae on Newshub Live at 6pm.

Also, a number of reporters and presenters are covering the Commonwealth Games including Mike McRoberts, Melissa Davies, Mitch McCann and Australia correspondent Conor Whitten. Sports reporters Kirstie Stanway and Ollie Ritchie are also reporting from the Gold Coast.


I would like if Sam presented the bulletin Solo with crossing to Mike throughout the commonwealth games.


It’s good that the Newshub reporting team on the GC is bolstered, given TVNZ has the broadcasting rights and has put effort into promoting so lately.


Expect a different team for tomorrow morning on The AM show. Eric Young hosting, Mary Jane Tomasi reading news and Nicky Styris on sport.


A team that sounds much better than the regular one to be honest.

Is this the first time Mary Jane Tomasi has read the news in front of a camera?


(3/4/2018) Simon Shepherd anchoring Newshub Live at 6pm with Samantha Hayes.


I would of thought there would of been an ident by now for Sam & Mike… I thought this would be a sign.


I dont think there is an individual one but I know they are in a 30 and 60 second promo version from memory.


Here’s a montage of Newshub Late not to fond of Wilhelmina Shrimpton’s presenting style. Gemma Coombe is much better, Is Sacha McNeil still presenting on Thursdays & Fridays?


Yes Sacha is still presenting Thursday and Friday.


Good to see the primary school kids are still being employed to do +HR=E’s graphics :joy:


Tom McRae presenting with Samantha Hayes tonight.


(7-8/4/2018) Hamish Clark presenting Newshub Live at 6pm with Sacha McNeil on Saturday and Susie Nordqvist on Sunday.


Saw this on Facebook, and thought maybe the AM SHOW was on The Newshub Set :smile:


(13/4/2018) Janika ter Ellen presented Newshub Live at 4pm this afternoon.

Simon Shepherd anchoring with Samantha Hayes on Newshub Live at 6pm. Mike McRoberts presenting sport from the Gold Coast.


Interesting from Mediaworks’ head of news