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Peter Urlich is Margaret Urlich’s Older Cousin.

Here’s the video montage


@NuStraya Oriini Kaipara (my cousin, in fact) anchored Newshub’s 11.30am and 4.30pm bulletins earlier today (20 July).


Its nice to see Laura still filling in for Mel on AM again this morning. She has the same style and warmth.

(23/7/2022) Laura Tupou and Michael Morrah presented on Saturday with Michael O’Keeffe on sport.

(24/7/2022) Samantha Hayes is presenting with Michael tonight.


Who’s Presenting the News, Sport and Weather on Newshub Live at 6PM this Weekend Screentower?

Why don’t you just go on to the Three website and watch it on their player? Hardly seems worth keeping a log on here of who is presenting each weekend.


@NuStraya It’s called ThreeNow and Newshub’s 6pm bulletin is only available on-demand for a short time, i.e. no more than two days.

Interesting to see Sky Sport’s “Birmingham” watermark blurred out over Three’s logo.


I was wondering why they were doing that. It appears TVNZ isn’t allowed to do that.

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Probably cos it looks like a mess otherwise on screen - Sky will be happy as they’re getting the credit. Doesn’t much matter which channel on Sky it appeared on


I see Mitch McCann is also leaving Newshub. Down another presenter.


Big loss. His anchoring initially on the day of the mosque shootings was as good as I’ve seen, used his local knowledge of Christchurch and was authoritative but calm.

He’ll be back and reading 6pm on one of the networks later in his career I’m sure.


That’s a shame, hope he does well wherever he ends up. Aside from Michael Morrah it might be time for Andrew Gourdie to start filling in on the news as an anchor rather than just sport, he does an awesome job, just think it may be good for him and viewers as he’s a regular face anyways


Where’s he going?

Heading off to the USA by the looks of it


Wonder if he has a journalism or anchoring gig there, would be a shame to lose his talents.

With the reduced number of male anchors, they may need to embrace women double headers.

What does his (I assume) wife do?

@OnAir @TV4 @foxyrover I am devastated to announce that Newshub has lost Tom McRae and, now, Mitch McCann who has been based in the Auckland newsroom for nearly eight years.

Before leaving for the United States, Mitch is deservedly a popular and professional broadcast journalist I have ever seen. He’s had some amazing adventures and met some wonderful people, including me as part of my Auckland trip last year, and I am proud of his excellent achievements with 3 News and, later, Newshub.

@TVGeekNZ Andrew Gourdie has worked in the sporting arena since joining the 3 News/Newshub team in 2006 as a sports journalist and reporter.

I’ve been down the YouTube rabbit hole, and look what I found:

Hilary Barry - wonder what happened to her? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: