News First (Sky Open NZ)

I came across the Prune News NZ stop and check

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No internal work pics mate.

Well that was odd. You’re replying to a 2 year old post?

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And just joined an hour ago…

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Tonight at around 5:44pm Prime News had a story that failed to go to air before Janika ter continues to the next story, She starts reading the next story when the story is about to roll, Bar and Tone play then black screen before cutting to a weird screen pictured below, then they play some sports stories footage then go to ads. returns with sport as normal.

Reviving an old thread but the broadcast tonight had a few glitches.

During the near of the end of the live cross to Sam Farrell the backdrop changes and Eric scrolls across the screen.

Missing footage in the coming up segment


Since Prime turned 21 on Friday, I thought I’d post a few pics of old logos. Anyone have any memories or old footage of Prime since its launch in August 1998 to share here.
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It will soon enter a new era and look to compete with 1 News and Newshub. Prime does have capabilities to make its mark with current situation for Mediaworks & talk of TVNZ merger.

Interesting development. Are you saying they are about to end their agreement with Mediaworks to Produce Prime News and go it alone? Sounds like you have some inside knowledge. I’m thinking they have the infrastructure with the launch of Sky Sport News, cant be too expensive to add general news to it.

It is possible with new CEO, possibly buying a New Zealand News outlet as there possibly could few on the market in next 12 months, TVNZ is holding everyone up at the moment.

Carly Flynn presenting Prime News tonight.

Maybe he’d be interested in buying NZME and have radio along with print under the Sky umbrella. I wouldn’t mind Prime News being produced inhouse again but fully resourced and not like it was before the Mediaworks takeover.

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I’ve found a few on VHS lately, but the PQ is terrible. Seems to be from the 1998-1999 era and from the dotty era you’ve posted above. I might consider digitising them, if I get the time. Have a few TV One’s from the 1990’s too - even the full National Anthem closer!

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More likely scenario I reckon is they get out of news altogether.

Is there no legal requirement for them to produce news?

There is not.

Please digitize them if they are salvageable. There doesn’t appear to be any from 1998. I don’t suppose you have any of their local newscasts that Prime used to produce for the Hamilton and Christchurch markets in the 90’s.

No newscasts, but I remember the Christchurch bulletins well. Going by what’s been posted of Prime Australia at that time, they used exactly the same supers, graphics, etc.

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Has anyone heard of Heather Keats? She has been presenting Prime News the past few nights:

Used to be a music radio announcer, may still be. Has done weather on Newshub a few times