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Not like there is a shortage of, “Social media producers”…

It is a bit messy, particularly at the top of the hour. Michael and Lisa read a news story each, before having a chat about the feature entertainment interview coming up. I am unsure whether moving this tease 10 minutes earlier is the best way to retain a supposedly ‘newsier’ audience.

Then it’s over to Madeliene who just RVOs the next three news stories. Then it’s back to Michael and Lisa to read the market figures (even though Madeliene still does the finance segments later). They then do a lighter story and then throw over to Tony to read one sports story. After Nate does the weather, it’s back to Michael and Lisa for more news.

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News Breakfast farewelled their Friday floor manager. Leaving for OS. Also does Insiders and is producer for AFL.


Monday (20.02.2023) - Friday (24.02.2023): With Nate in Sydney for WorldPride, Emma Rebellato is presenting the weather this week.



This time last week, News Breakfast had a celeb interview at 7.20 and ended up with this result:

Today, they did an exercise segment at the same time. It’s fine to have some lighter content, but 7am is the peak audience who are usually looking for newsy content at that time of the morning. I think there was a correlation last week and I suspect that they will have a similar poor result for today. It’s best to leave the fluff to after 8… especially on News Breakfast.


Fauziah Ibrahim and Lorna Dunkley presenting this weekend.

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I’m concerned that this programme is becoming more light, it needs to stick to its hard news focus and leave this fluff to the commercials.


It’s Mardi Gras weekend. And not just that, it’s World Pride. And the ABC is the host broadcaster. I think it’s ok to have relevant segments on the weekend breakfast programme.


Huh? He’s talking more generally that their ratings are dropping and they’re introducing more fluff segments like the commercials have.

Friday (03.03.2023): Madeleine Morris is co-hosting with Lisa this morning. Emma Rebellato on sport.

Lead story this morning is the Ed Sheeran concert :man_facepalming:


This is what I’m talking about! They are forgetting their roots.

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That is Tyson Shine.


Who incidentally his mother is the Mayor of Port Augusta

Statement on story by

The ABC regularly receives queries concerning abusive comments being made on social media about presenters and journalists, particularly female ones.

Under the guise of concern, these stories are republishing abuse.

News Corporation’s sent these questions at 6.42am today, shortly before publishing a story:


I’m reaching out in regards to the vile comments ABC News Breakfast Host Lisa Millar has been receiving online in recen days over her outfit on Monday. I just wanted to check in to see how Lisa was doing and to see if she or the ABC wanted to comment on the behaviour of the trolls online for a story?

If so, can you please provide a statement regarding how Lisa is doing, what ABC’s reaction is towards people making these inappropriate comments online, how the ABC plans to take action, if any, against those making inappropriate comments and what the ABC will do to ensure comments like this are regulated or prevented in the future. We’re also open to anything additional you would like to add.

A story calling out the disrespectful online behaviour will be going up sometime this morning, so I would appreciate it if you could send me any comments by 9am. If any comments are sent after that, we will update the piece accordingly if it’s been published.

The ABC is not going to dignify any “vile comments” being made about a presenter’s clothes by responding to them.

If was genuine in its concern about such behaviour it wouldn’t amplify it by republishing the comments it describes as “sickening”, accompanied by a screenshot.

Giving anonymous social media bullies publicity on a national platform is participating in perpetuating antisocial behaviour and the very serious issue of online abuse of women.

Especially on the eve of International Women’s Day, we ask for a more responsible approach to reporting on these issues.

Director, News Justin Stevens: “The relentless and vile bullying Lisa Millar is subjected to on social media, particularly Twitter, is unacceptable. She is an outstanding broadcaster and journalist and does an incredible job.

“Media outlets that amplify this disgusting anonymous trolling need to take a good hard look at themselves and their standards.”

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News Corpse isn’t even trying to hide it these days. They’re out to try and get those vile comments to write their vile stories.

Support from other colleagues:

I only saw one of the tweets and I was disgusted. Imagine being subjected to thousands of them. From Lisa herself:

Wednesday (08.03.2023) - Friday (10.03.2023): Emma Rebellato doing weather.


They acknowledged the incident on air at 7.15am this morning.

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