Newcastle - Survey 3, 2022


Triple M remains at #1 with 17% (-0.2), followed by Hit 106.9 at 13% (+0.2), JJJ not far behind at 12.9% (+0.1), New FM with 8.9% (-0.1), 2HD with 8.2% (+0.1) & ABC Newcastle with 8% (-1.2).

In the demos, Hit is #1 in the 10-17s, with JJJ winning the 18-39s (Triple M outrates Hit in the 18-24s), Triple M dominating in the 40-64s & 2HD winning the 65+.

In breakfast, Triple M’s Tanya & Steve, who recently won an ACRA for Best On-Air Team (Provincial), continue to dominate with 20% (-0.6), followed by JJJ’s Bryce & Ebony with 12.3% (+0.7), Hit’s Nick, Jess & Ducko with 12% (-0.4), and ABC Newcastle’s Jenny Marchant & Dan Cox with 10.5% (-0.6). In drive, Hit’s Carrie & Tommy takes back the top spot with 17.8% (+0.9), followed by Triple M’s Rush Hour with 15.8% (-0.1), JJJ’s Hobba & Hing with 13.4% (-4.1), and then Kate Tim & Joel on New FM with 10.9% (+0.7).

The “Other Stations” ratings is at 26.2%, up 1.1% from the last survey.


Fortunately there’s no Nova in the market, otherwise we’d be subjected to ‘Newcastle is the most volatile market in the country’ in the industry press.


Or ARN for that matter. Imagine if 2HD & New FM were to be owned by them? :thinking:

That alone would make Newcastle a more interesting market than what it is currently.


NewFM is closing the gap on Evenings.

Newcastle must miss Graeme Gilbert on 2HD.


Funny one :smile:

What’s interesting is that ABC Newcastle is the runaway share leader in evenings yet at no other time.

The abomination of a morning shift that is sadly networked rather than locally specific content is what kills the station and then doesn’t recover in afternoons nor drive.

I wonder what ABC Upper Hunter’s share is for any Muswellbrook survey?

The fantastic results for JJJ of 18-39 dominance shows how commercial radio has abandoned these demos in Newcastle. Both Bill and SCA are feeble competitors.

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Sorry i am late to this thread. Somehow missed it on Friday.

Totally agree re Bill and SCA. Newcastle must be the most BORING radio market in the country, for over 20 years now, it’s been SCA Top 2, Bill bottom 2 commercials. Very little movement anywhere.


The same can be said for Canberra, another major regional market surveyed by GfK.

The Central Coast, which is only surveyed once a year by Xtra, is a more interesting market from a ratings perspective (even without factoring in the overspill from the Sydney stations), where a Nova-owned Star 104.5 is a strong competitor, as well as being the #1 station, to the SCA duo, something that is missing in Newcastle.


Yes I think Canberra is even more boring than Newcastle.


But Canberra does also have DAB Digital Radio and a wider choice of community radio stations, though none are as good as 2NUR, which is not a bad station.