Newcastle - Survey 3, 2019

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Triple M maintains its top spot, going up 1% to 18.5%, way ahead of ABC Newcastle at 11.9%, and Hit & JJJ, both at 11.8%. New FM went up 0.8 to 8.9%, whilst 2HD is up 0.5 to 6.7%.

The “Other Stations” is at 22.5%, down 1.6% from the previous survey.


JJJ is the No.1 station for 18 - 39 year olds in Newcastle.

I remember the days when 2NX and and later, NXFM, owned this demographic.


Some really weird figures in there, not sure I trust them, (again :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

NewFM beats KO in 18-39 demo, NewFM flogs KO & beats NX in 18-24 demo.

KO owns the 40-64 demo

NX owns the 10-17 then close with Triple J in 25-39

Triple J owns 18-24 with NEWFM second, I wonder why everyone in this demo leaves NX then comes back later in life?
NX has a split demo, this is counter productive for advertisers & would be hard to program for the station, but with the SCA sales, national HIT network overview, they probably sell spots here & don’t give two rats if it’s not best option for the advertisers who pay the SCA bills.

Living in Newy & watching the ratings for years, this is how I’d expect the landscape to be, & essentially how it used to be when Newy radio was great, back in the day:
NX = 10-24 demo
KO = 25-54 demo
NEWFM overlaps & has 18-39
2HD & ABC Local = 55+
Triple J & others scattered across various demos

That’s how out of whack the current programming is in Newcastle, resulting in the figures we’ve seen for quite some time.

I’m 47 & if I didn’t have a personal ban on listening to SCA stations, I may listen to KO, however I usually listen to NEWFM anyway, but I also often listen to 2HD (mainly Breakfast) & the odd time of ABC local, so where do I fit, the market doesn’t fit what I’m after, & probably the same for many others, & as I’ve said before KO isn’t necessarily good, it’s just the best of a bad bunch.


I agree, the lack of real competition has created this rather stale radio environment here in Newcastle.


Yes agree. Newcastle is a bit of a stale radio environment. So is Canberra.


It is all about the fortuitous stations in these markets.

For Newcastle Star 104.5, 98.1 Power fm. I don’t know how well max comes in.

For Canberra it is Raw, UC fm on the north side, and Eagle fm, snow on fm and Dab+
I don’t listen to the Canberra commercial fm stations.

I probably would listen to Power fm in Newcastle over the locals.
Do you think they will axe the breakfast show on hit 106.9 those ratings are pretty bad.

I wonder if Triple J’s ratings will drop in Newcastle with the change of breakfast shows?


If I lived in the Newcastle market, I’d probably spend most of my radio listening time with 2NUR-FM or (if in a part of the region which gets decent reception of these) one of the Port Stephens community stations.

Similar deal with the Central Coast to some extent - during my latest trip up there I almost exclusively listened to Coast FM.


Don’t forget 2GN & 2XL when they convert to FM, at least for those into 70s-90s music. :wink:

Which carries the same music log as Wave FM in Wollongong for much of the time, FYI.

If 2NM were to ever convert to FM (they’re currently not eligible under the AM-FM conversion for solus markets), I would probably listen to them over the Newcastle commercial stations. The same would apply if or when Rebel/Breeze commence transmissions from near Bulahdelah.

I agree with you on that.

By a similar token, if I was living in or visiting the Wollongong market, I’d probably spend most of my radio listening time towards the Sydney stations over the locals.

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