Newcastle - Survey 3, 2017

KOFM remains at #1 with 13.6%, followed by ABC1233 with 13.1%, hit106.9 with 12.7% & 2HD with 10%. New FM scores an 8% share.

2HD dominating in nights, which goes to show that more AM stations should run comedy programmes

The “Other Stations” increased their share from 24.6% last survey to 26.7% this survey.

In the demographics, hit106.9 took the #1 spot in 25-39s from JJJ by 0.1%, whilst in the same demographic, KO fell from 17.4% last survey to 13.9% this survey, placing themselves only 2.9% ahead of New FM. KO increased its lead in the 40-54s, going up 1.9% to 19%.

Is that what we’re calling Grahame Gilbert’s program? :rofl:

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Old Man Yells At Callers Saying ‘India’

This shows a market where audience is unhappy with the commercial offerings.

From the KO/NX duo consistently above a 40% 10+ share, getting close to 45%, to this now.

ABC’s good results show further dissatisfaction with commercial offerings.

John Laws is #1 in mornings. With the ABC talk share, talk is ahead of KO/NX.

At night HD/ABC amass 37.6%, well ahead of music offerings.

Interestingly, the KO night share is better than Gold GC’s share which fell off a cliff in yesterday’s release.

It still makes me sad when I see the Newcastle ratings and there is a Hit106.9 with the big blue “H”

And no 2NX.


Indeed. Comparing with previous Newcastle ratings surveys, the “Other Stations” figure for this survey is the highest for the market ever, beating the previous record that was set in Survey 2 of 2014, which was at 25.4%.

In the 40-54s, the “Other Stations” is at an all-time high figure of 25.5%, quite a way ahead of KO’s 19% for that demo. This is up from 24.3% last survey & from 20.7% in Survey 1.

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Agreed. If it’s all about making it marketable across the entire country, then forcing this rancid S-Hit on regional listeners (yes, I said it. Never call a radio station anything where adding a letter describes exactly what it sounds like) without forcing it on we metro folk (I say that reluctantly for myself - Sydney’s a shithole kids) is kind of pathetic. 2Day is no different to NXFM, either keep both or none. S-Hit 106.5 is a very aft name for what it sounds like.

But I digress. Newcastle has been treated like S-Hit for years by media owners. It’s essentially a one horse town for radio, a one horse town for TV, and how long before the Herald and ABC get cut back to become localised versions of Sydney’s media or killed off all together.

Whenever I’m in Newcastle, it’s ABC1233 or my iPod/Phone for me. I can imagine there be others like me.

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