Newcastle - Survey 2, 2019

Triple M maintains its #1 position with 17.5%, up 0.7 from last survey, followed by Hit with 12.7% (+0.2), with JJJ not far behind at 12.5% (+1.0). ABC Newcastle scored 9.8% (+0.2), followed by New FM with 8.1% (+0.6) & 2HD, who fell to 6.2% (-1.8).

The “Other Stations” scored a 24.1% share, down 1.6% from the previous survey.


The very average sounding 2KKO is soaking up the audience apathy as the rest of the market produces a less than average product.

Caralis again combines with SCA for a moribund product.

I didn’t know NEW is targeting 18 - 24, absent in all other categories.

Sadly the duo on HD bfast haven’t worked with the survey sample at least. The whole station has suffered an audience collapse from bfast which has sadly undermined their two previous tentpole shifts of Laws and Gillbert.

Afternoons based at HD a further decline, surprisingly increasing for the sport drive, well, I guess dead animals bounce too.

If I was a committed radio client, I’d save my money in Newy, make a donation to NUR for dayshift sponsorship and reallocate the majority to Big Dog’s home, NBN.

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The combined share of HD/NEW is at 14.3%, which is less than what Triple M got by itself.

Looking at the demos, NEW outrates 2HD in the 55-64s. Interestingly, JJJ rates a 9.5% share in the same demo, placing themselves only 0.2 behind ABC Newcastle.

And yes, I agree that Newcastle is a very bland market as far as local commercial radio competition is concerned. Even the Central Coast is a far more interesting market these days, thanks to a close battle between Star 104.5 & Sea FM.

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time to take your meds - we’ll take #1 :slight_smile:

Good of you to have time for us Mark, survey party not on yet?

You know your product would be better with strong competition.


Newcastle: Perhaps the most notable example of a large regional media market in Australia which should be really exciting and competitive, but isn’t.

KOFM (as the station should still be branded as IMO, because the market dynamics of Newcastle are not the same as Sydney where Triple M is the 2nd least listened to commercial station) surely benefits from being the least worst option of a fairly ordinary bunch of local stations?


2HD highest rating shift is night’s with Graeme ‘India’ Gilbert!!!

Also Hit 106.9 is under threat from Triple J, similar results to the Sunshine Coast. Does not help when Hit 106.9 and Sea Fm are running the same log most of the time.

I am not sure if it is the talent or the music that is the problem with the station.

Newcastle, and Canberra are both markets that have gone downhill due to little or no competition.


What does it need???

Maybe another community licence, with a fresh fm / radio metro style station for the youth market?

Ideally, a 2HD & New FM that is NOT owned by BOG. If those two were owned by someone else, Triple M & Hit would have more serious competition, which would benefit the market. :slight_smile:


SCA should be concerned with the figures for Hit 106.9, Triple J ahead in breakfast, mornings, and only slightly behind in afternoons.
At least they don’t have to worry about being beaten by New Fm.

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