Newcastle - Survey 2, 2018

KOFM (Triple M from 9th November) retains its #1 position at 14%, despite going down 2.8% from last survey, whilst Hit remains at #2 at 12.7%, despite going down 3.4% from last survey. JJJ was 3rd at 10.9%, followed by 1233 ABC at 10.6%, New FM at 10.1% (up 0.7%) & 2HD at 8.7%.

The Other Stations share is at 25.7%, up 3.8% from last survey.


Looking at the ratings in more detail, in the 40-54s, KO went down 4.2% to 23.2%, but is still comfortably ahead of 2nd-placed New FM, who went up 1.3% to 15.9%. In the 25-39s, JJJ is #1 with 22.4%, beating Hit, who scored 21.1%, down 6.3% from the previous survey. In the same demo, New FM outrated KO by 0.6%, whereas the latter outrated the former by 5.1% in the previous survey. In the 55-64s, the “Other Stations” account for 30.8% of its listeners, whilst in the 65+, it accounted for 42% of its listeners.

In breakfast, KO’s Steve & Tanya are #1 with a 16.8% share, followed by ABC 1233’s Garth Russell with 14.9% and Hit’s Nick, Jess & Simon with 11.5%. In drive, Hughesy & Kate on Hit is #1 with 17.5%, followed by JJJ’s Veronica & Lewis at 14.8%, Kennedy Molloy on KO with 13.4% (down 5% from last survey) and Kate, Tim & Marty on New FM with 10%.
In the drive slot, the “Other Stations” scored a share of 23.6%, up 5.5% from the previous survey, which meant those listeners are looking for a ‘more music’ option in that time of day by tuning to 2NUR, Star 104.5 from the Central Coast, 2NM from Muswellbrook or the smaller community radio stations in the region.

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Does KO take that 80’s, 90’s to Now music log from the Gold Coast?

Sometimes yes, but most of the time, they take its own “80s, 90s & Now” log.

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@TV-Expert the other station figure shows the lack of satisfaction with surveyed stations.

The under resourcing of KO/NX has embarrassed SCA again.

At their current trend, they’ll be lucky to hold onto 25% share combined. They were once hovering around 40%.

The great results of the ABC stations shows a turn off from the poor content offered by the commercials of all ages.

John Laws again ‘at or near the top’ with a good result for 2HD, however the station is trending down across all shifts as its audience looks for options within the ABC suite.

Commercial radio in Newcastle is a moribund option with declining shares all their own doing. Would not recommend advertising with them.

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I agree. We’re so terribly embarrassed by being number 1 and number 2 again. I should throw the towel in now. Mike

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