Newcastle - Survey 2, 2017

Some interesting figures.

NX Breakfast has pulled away a bit, but still 2HD breakfast isn’t far behind & that should worry SCA.

NewFM is slipping backwards again, (no surprises).

The 10 - 17 age demo & ABC Classic FM is a bit strange. ABC Classic FM is the No. 4 station behind NX, NewFM & Triple J with a 7.6, & a 5.7% jump up.

KO’s audience is surprisingly old with them being the No 1 station for 55 - 64 demo.

KO’s now beating Lawsy in the morning slot, possibly related to there 55 - 64 demo win?


The local 1233 ABC did very well.

That shows that many are dissatisfied with the commercial alternatives.

All over 40 demos have piled on audience to the listed stations, interesting. Looks like this book didn’t reach the usual number of 2NUR audience, unless they’ve changed their format.

Interesting that no one seems to have much reason to comment about the latest Newie book?

That’s because Newcastle radio is honestly quite boring.

Nothing ever happens here, SCA win & are expected to, & BOG does nothing, the ABC pickup & lose listeners depending on the day.

I’ve said it before, SCA win every survey by a long way, but that doesn’t mean their programming is good, in a competitive market they would be fighting hard, & quite possibly regularly lose to a competitor.

One thing that doesn’t help BOG in the ratings either, is that SCA’s online listeners are counted, where as NEWFM’s online listeners aren’t. I don’t know why?

The only time I ever listen to Newcastle radio, is when I’m in an area of Newcastle where I can’t get reception of a station out of market (Sydney, Central Coast, Muswellbrook) or further afield via tropo.

Maybe it’s just my opinion, but Newcastle radio is tired.

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Yes I agree. I also find the Newcastle market really boring and I don’t know why. It should be quite dynamic like the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, but it just isn’t. I think it’s because New FM is just so bad when it should be so much more competitive like Hot Tomato or HOFM.

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Is it because they are not on RadioApp? I just tried to find a live stream of 2HD but nothing I tried works, all state 2HD is offline. 2SM is streaming fine.

Possibly, but then that’s effectively skewing the results & CRA are failing in their job to support the commercial stations (which is their whole reason for being).

2HD don’t have a web stream, NEWFM does & it’s on both their web site & on TuneIn.

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Is Hit’s breakfast bad enough to be significantly down on the rest of the day?

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2NUR FM haven’t changed their format.
Would come under Others bet they wish they could participate

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Back in 2002 Joan Warner explained why community radio was excluded from the radio ratings despite their willingness to pay for the data.

Presumably the situation hasn’t changed.

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Makes sense though. Having done one of those surveys myself I can believe that

But all the digital stations are no problem?

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They pay again. Replica of analogue, no community services included.