Newcastle - Survey 2, 2016


KO maintains its #1 position with an increased majority, jumping up 2.1% to an 18.2% share. NX was #2 with 13%, up 1% from the previous survey, followed by ABC1233 at 3rd place. New FM hit double-digits with a 10.4% share after going up 1.7% from the previous survey, and then both JJJ & 2HD tied with 10.1%.

So KO, NX and NEW all up; 1233 ABC, 2HD and JJJ all down. Would be interesting to see 2NUR’s numbers.

1233 took a 1.9% hit in breakfast, while NEW jumped up 1.8% to a 9.3. NEW is also only 0.1% behind NX in mornings, while KO leapfrogs Lawsy on 2HD, who’s down 2%.

Whilst the actual figures will never be known, the “Other Stations” figure is at 20.7%, in which I imagine around half of that would be towards 2NUR.

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That’s New FM’s best showing since S2/2005

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