Newcastle - Survey 1, 2024

NEW beats Hit in the afternoons. Interesting.


Triple M remains at #1 with an increased majority, going up 3.0 to 23.3%. This was followed by sister station Hit 106.9, who fell 2.1 to 13.3%, with New FM not far behind at 11% (-0.4), and JJJ at 10% (+0.9). ABC Newcastle fell 0.3 to 7.3%, whilst 2HD went up 1.0 to 6.3%.

In the demos, Hit is #1 in the under-25s, with Triple M winning the 25-64s, whilst ABC Newcastle tops the 65+.

In breakfast, Triple M’s Tanya & Steve dominates with 24.5% (+2.3), followed by Hit’s now state-wide Jess & Ducko at a distant 2nd with 14.7% (-1.2), then ABC Newcastle’s Jenny Marchant & Dan Cox and JJJ’s Bryce & Concetta at 10% each (+0.7 & +0.8 respectively). New FM’s The Novos fell 0.7 to 7.8%.
In drive, Triple M’s Rush Hour dominates with 23.7% (+1.3), followed by Hit’s Carrie & Tommy at 17.3% (+1.1), and New FM’s Joel Gosper at 13.8% (+1.0).

The “Other Stations” share this survey is at 24.7%, down from 25.2% in the previous survey.

New also beat Hit in the evenings too.

Also, 2HD only managed a 2.1% share in Drive, levelled with ABC Classic! :flushed:

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But go up nearly 10 points at Night. Some dodgy surveying there.

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1233 ABC is another one with a similarly sized jump from drive to evenings. Another mostly talk station.

Maybe there’s just a general preference for music at drive and talk at nights?

Is that 2HD’s best evenings result since Graeme Gilbert was at the station?

What a shocker for Hit. Only one day after SeaFM GC’s shocker.


The ARN changes can’t come soon enough for Hit/Sea.


That’s the largest share on 102.9 since S3/2003.

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Says a lot to me about the state of Newcastle radio when the same product is struggling in a lot of other regional markets.

Or maybe us Novocastrians are just easily pleased!

Just due to a lack of competition.

Clearly listeners are starting to get bored, hence NewFM’s increase.

They went down 0.4?

More the fact that NewFM is beating Hit106.9 in certain dayparts.

When was the last time that happened under BOG ownership? And under NewFM’s current music format?

In S1/2020, New FM beat Hit 106.9 in Evenings, in which they scored 12.7% compared to the latter’s 10.7%. Before that, in S1/2016 for that same timeslot, New rated 7.7% to NX’s 6.8%.

From S2/2014 to S1/2015, New outrated NX in mornings, whilst in S2/2014, they also did it in afternoons. This was during the time when NX (along with KO) were not streaming online due to a dispute with PPCA, which caused regional commercial radio stations to stop streaming online at the beginning of 2014. Granted, New FM were not streaming online back then, but still…

This resulted in the SCA stations in Newcastle, Gold Coast & Canberra to switch their online streams back on in August 2014.


And 10 years later, are STILL not streaming.

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