Newcastle - Survey 1, 2022


Triple M remains on top with 17.1%, down 0.3% from last survey. This was followed by sister station Hit 106.9 with 13.9% (-2.0), JJJ with 11.7% (+0.5), ABC Newcastle with 9.2% (+1.2), 2HD with 8.1% (+1.1) & New FM with 7.8% (-0.7).

In the demos, JJJ wins the 18-39s, whilst Triple M tops the 40-64s & 2HD wins the 65+.

In breakfast, Triple M’s Tanya & Steve wins the slot with 19.5%, followed by Hit’s Nick, Jess & Ducko with 13.4%, ABC Newcastle’s Jenny Marchant & Dan Cox with 11.4%, and JJJ’s Bryce & Ebony with 9.4%. New FM’s The Novos could only manage 5.7%, only 0.5% ahead of RN’s Patricia Karvelas! :flushed:

In drive, Triple M’s Rush Hour was #1 with 17.7%, followed by Hit’s Carrie & Tommy with 16.3%, and JJJ’s Hobba & Hing with 15.3%.

The “Other Stations” ratings is at 24.7%, down from 25.9% in the previous survey.


Some really weird numbers in the 18-24’s so not sure on the accuracy of those & that puts in doubt (in my mind) all of the others.

2HD at 4 when previous was *, Triple M is down 11.4 (what have they done to lose that big?), NEW FM is up 10.1 (again what have they done to gain that much?), Hit’s down 7, Triple J hasn’t really gained or lost anything at up 0.5, Radio National or RN has picked up 0.3 from *, & the real strange one, Classic FM has picked up 1.3 from *.

A big chunk of the “Other Stations” would be for 2NUR FM, there may be some for 2NM & Power FM in the upper licence area & Maitland, but I do know quite a few people around Lake Macquarie listen to CoastFM Gosford, (they often ring in for competitions).


It’s the evenings that makes me laugh. New down 6 but Radio National up 5.3.



Interesting to see New up in the 18-24 but down in their key demos. I’ve noticed a (much needed and good) change to their music in recent weeks which signals they could be trying to skew a little younger?

The fact New is down during the week but up on weekends (slightly) signals to me that the weekday talent aren’t cutting through?

Hit brekkie is steady - they’ve got a great product there! And of course, Triple M still reigning supreme. I feel the MMMs brekkie will be like this until at least one of them leave. I can’t see that changing, no matter how hard the other stations try.

JJJs doing really well in Newcastle too!

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7.1 for New FM is its poorest showing since S3/2010


Why doesn’t New try something different? They need to do something to break the SCA duopoly. Why don’t they try a Smooth or (new) 2day format? That’s the gap in Newcastle. They need to position themselves between Triple M and Hit.

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