Newcastle - Survey 1, 2020


Triple M remains on top with a 17.7% share, down 0.8% from last survey. This is followed by hit106.9 with 12.5% (up 0.7%), JJJ with 11.4% (down 0.4%), New FM with 10.6% (up 1.7%), ABC Newcastle with 8.9% (down 3%) & 2HD with 7.8% (up 1.1%).

Interestingly, in the 18-24s, Triple M rates ahead of Hit & New FM (JJJ is #1 overall), whilst in the 25-39s, Hit is #1, followed by JJJ, Triple M & New FM. In the 40-54s, Triple M is dominant, followed by New FM, JJJ & Hit.

The ‘Other Stations’ rated 25.3%, which is up 2.8% from the last survey.


I don’t understand these surveys. That’s a big change for Triple M in the 18-24s group. They are way up in the under 40s and way down in the 40+.:thinking:

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Yes, it is weird. :thinking:

Looking at the ‘Other Stations’ ratings in more detail, it got a 42.2% share in the 55-64s & a 43% share in the 65+, most of which would be towards 2NUR. In drive time (4-7pm), when not a single local commercial station is local after 5pm (the closest would be Star 104.5 from the Central Coast & 2NM from Muswellbrook), 22% of listeners listen to ‘Other Stations’, outrating Triple M’s Kennedy Molloy at 16.2% & Hit’s Carrie & Tommy/Hughesy & Ed at 15.7%.

New FM is the big winner this survey, in which they have the biggest gain overall, particularly in the 40-54s & 55-64s at Triple M’s expense. Their overall share of 10.6% is their highest since Survey 2 of 2005, when they achieved a 10.8% share. In that 2005 survey, New FM was 7.7% behind NX (as it was known then) & 10.1% behind KO, but this survey, they’re only 1.9% behind Hit & 7.1% behind Triple M.

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I think the samples are too small to read much into the fluctuating demos.

Meanwhile the Other station figure in Newcastle is huge. Mostly 2NUR probably?

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Yes, most definitely.

It’s not the first time that the ‘Other Stations’ figure is that high. In fact, it has been higher than that, peaking at 27% in S3/2018. It has consistently been above 20% since S1/2014, which coincidentally was when the first GfK ratings survey for Newcastle took place.


I would love to see New FM take on a rock format skewing slightly older toward classic but also playing new rock that’s out there. Wonder how that’d rate? Something like Radio X in the UK but with more older Aussie pub rock.


I’ve said it before, have NewFM and B-Rock share playlists and keep the network log as it is.


I could be wrong, but I don’t think 2NUR might be pulling much more than an 8-9% share at extreme most, it’s not like it used to be, & people around town don’t seem to be listening to it as much (not that I’m around town much anymore).
I know a guy who used to work there & he’s said that as well, & apparently studio A panel is near death (old Klotz desk) & the university won’t give them any funds to replace it, as the revenue has dropped (pre-dating COVID-19 problems), breakfast comes out of studio A, everything else has to come out of studio B to prolong the panels life, but if studio B panel dies (same age & type), the stations screwed.

I think the “others” figures are spread more wider, perhaps to central coast stations (maybe STAR 104.5 & CoastFM), probably Muswellbrook (2NM’s quite good & Power FM’s a point of difference to the local offerings), maybe even Taree (MAXFM), & then you’ve got a couple of reasonably good community stations in Port Stephens.

I’d agree with that, & NEWFM Breakfast has to go, it truly is bad & the ratings show that, Jade’s not bad when by herself (weekends, etc.) & the boys would possibly be the same, but together it just doesn’t work.

When I’m in town I usually listen to 2HD Breakfast & NEWFM the rest of the day, the NEWFM music isn’t too bad, but the presentation & promotion of the station definitely needs work. There’s some good people there who could really make it something, but they need to be paid more than the award wage, especially when it’s rumoured there’s some at the competition earning multiple $100k’s.


The person who selects the music across the NewFM network has the power to make or break SCA’s regional ratings.

At the moment, they’re spoon feeding wins to SCA stations with BOG’s JackFM format.


ABC CLASSIC: 10-17 8.4%


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