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Today marks 20 years since Maori Television/Whakataa Maori launched.

Throughout the memories, The Spinoff looks back 20 years of Maori TV and how it changed the indigenous broadcaster throughout the last 2 decades.


Another Sky channel to go, and it’s no April Fool’s joke either.

Liked how Too leaned more towards 80s and 90s shows, even dipping into some eclectic fare at that.


Would be OK if they actually replaced the channels. Feels like the $$$ I pay is buying me less and less.

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Two new Australian game shows starting on Easter Monday, both on TVNZ.


Tipping Point Australia now permanently replaces Afternoon kids programmes which had been dominated by our screens for nearly 40 years also as a replacement for Brain Busters which is moving only online this year as I think it is a travesty.


Wow TVNZ really hoarded all the game shows this year. Surprised Three didn’t attempt to buy Tipping Point Australia to try and challenge The Chase but it looks like TVNZ’s ITV output deal has stopped that. As for the Deal, I thought Sky Open would be interested in resurrecting Deal or No Deal on its schedule.


A massive new era for TAB Trackside starting today.

Also a big movement to make return for TAB Trackside 1 and 2 to Freeview for the first time in a while.

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Because TVNZ 1 nabbed the rights this time around as it thought it would headed to Three and a lead into Newshub

Three never had a chance, TVNZ has first dibbs on The Tipping Point Australia as they have the ITV studios Output deal.

MORE: New look for punters as Trackside gets relaunched - NZ Herald

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Tipping Point UK is finishing its run on TVNZ1 this Friday, April 5. Next Monday, BBC quiz show The Finish Line replaces TPUK in the weekday 3pm timeslot.


Tipping Point is actually a Banijay format. Not ITV.

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I see, Winnie gets back in Parliament and this happens!

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It’s my understanding TVNZ has run close to coming dry of episodes, hence the change - and also running the Aussie version on TVNZ2. I suspect it’ll return to 3pm when more episodes/a buffer with the UK is restored but not certain.


I dont think any kid watches broadcast TV these days. Me and my partner yesterday went to see a family member, and one of their kids was watching Minecraft videos on YouTube,

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They really don’t, unless its something a parent happens to be watching.

Whitebait Pictures will have their work cut out for them this year with What Now becoming ‘digital first’ on youtube this year, not a lot of viewers on the channel so far.

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It’s a very weird show now too. Basically a bunch of prerecorded segments with bridging links from Chris Kirk in the (assumedly-former considering there’s been no new episodes this year) Feed studio. Not really top of the list in terms of kids entertainment nowadays.

Seems really poor of TVNZ to schedule two game shows against each other. And Tipping Point seems a rather dumbing down of Brain Busters.

@Reece You mean WhitebaitMedia?

@millsy I understand that linear television programming for children in the early morning is still shown on TVNZ 2 and Sky Open, and all day, every day, on Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Cartoon Network and CBeebies as subscription channels on Sky.