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Thats terrible

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More FM Northland is expected to be live locally with updates due to Northland region is currently without power which occurred after 11am today.


Today, RNZ app users were surprised to receive push notifications presenting past news events as breaking news, including the announcement of the passing of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who died at the age of 99 on April 9, 2021.

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— NZ Media News (@thetvnews) June 21, 2024

RNZ and TVNZ are discussing moving RNZ’s 150 Auckland staff to TVNZ’s Victoria Street headquarters. With RNZ’s lease expiring on April 30, 2025, an RNZ spokeswoman said their current office doesn’t meet modern standards. No decision has been made.


Wasnt that what the last govt proposed when they talked about merging the 2

No, this is just them sharing the same premises on different floors, nothing to do with their operations merging.


From 24th June, Stuff and MediaWorks commercial teams will each offer customers access to unique sales opportunities across their joint range of media assets. The first new offering is a dynamic news product with Stuff breaking news headlines appearing on MediaWorks’ digital billboards across the motu.

How long before Mediaworks radio news is powered by Stuff?

Imagine it’d be pretty soon after launch.

It’s all come full circle.

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Starting from today (24 June), the commercial teams of Stuff and MediaWorks are presenting customers with exclusive sales prospects across their combined media resources. The inaugural collaborative product is a vibrant news feature in which Stuff’s breaking news headlines will be displayed on MediaWorks’ digital billboards nationwide.

I’m unsure about the duration of this arrangement, according to @nztv.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Stuff ended up buying MediaWorks? In fact I think I called that a couple of years ago. :smile:

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Isn’t MediaWorks still harbouring a heap of debt (the money-shufflers who own them have, anyway), would Stuff be able to take that on board?

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I imagine what’s more likely is whoever buys MediaWorks ends up buying Stuff as well (yes I know Ms Boucher insists it’s not up for sale… but then nothing is up for sale until it is.)

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Yeah given Stuff doesn’t have to open their books, it’s hard to tell who’s hemorrhaging more cash :laughing:

I doubt Stuff has the money tho, especially with Mediaworks having outdoor/QMS.

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Jay-Jay Feeney will be leaving More FM, last Show will be Friday 5 July


Scandal Queenie.

No doubt she’ll end up doing a podcast or something like her ex-husband.

Wonder who’s in the mix to take over as co-host?

Long time in the industry will be a huge loss to mw

Might be a great time to shake up the drive show a bit, get some fresh sound in like what The Hits have been doing with Matty & PJ.

Another right-leaning media venture seems to be struggling as ZB Plus fails to update its content and seek subscriptions


Shift over either Sharyn, Steph or Megan from The Edge would be my guess.

Or Brodie Kane maybe?

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Does that mean ZB Plus becomes “ZB Minus”?