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Big loss to the company indeed. I reckon shes one of the best music jocks on NZ radio who has been passionate about the format she has worked in for a long time - Rock Music.

It will be an adjustment to listen to her back announce the likes of Justin Beiber and Sam Smith compared to Led Zeplin and The Eagles and no doubt an adjustment for her as well.


This would make the most sense to buy to have TV assets as well. Good pair with regional Aus assets.

I’m glad they don’t have interest, we don’t need more cuts at their hands.

This was great to see and S Club 7 always a laugh and a half.

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when does she start there


I don’t think SCA are even keen on the TV assets they own already so I doubt they want to add to the portfolio. Especially since Mediaworks actually produces and commissions its own content wheres SCA’s tv operations essentially just rebroadcast metro networks.


So am I being blind or is there a listen back/again feature on The Edge and Mai FM?



And yes, the Mediaworks TV business is vastly different.


Tracey Donaldson is joining Mix as day host, rather than The Hits. Will start later this month.


Thought a table detailing info of AM Station Callsigns, Frequencies, etc might be amusing to someone. It’s been sitting on my laptop for years doing nothing. Most of the data comes from NZ Yearbooks from the 1920’s to 1996.

There is the odd thing missing, but it’s mostly complete.


thats a good move for her


As a Christchurch resident I have to say it was really great to have More FM’s breakfast club on air this morning to discuss the events of yesterday as well as a curated playlist to go along with it - Lana, Gary and JMac were a brilliant listen.

Not sure if it was broadcast across the whole network or just their usual markets until 10am. After 10am they did another hour for the Christchurch market only as all voice breaks were localised.


The massacre happened around lunchtime? What stations returned to local programming or extended local programming on Friday and if so, until what time?

Were there local news bulletins broadcast from Chch or elsewhere?


I can’t speak for all stations, but I suspected they all broadcast on a national level, such was the nature of the attack.

No local bulletins, but Newstalk ZB had nationwide drive on Friday broadcast from Christchurch (as planned with Friday host Mike Yardley), who also had local mornings host Chris Lynch in to provide updates and commentary.

Local can be huge - and will be - as the story continues over the coming months, but I felt it as a breaking news event it transcended the need to be local and should have been presented on a network scale.


Didn’t get a chance to check all stations but caught More Fm and ZM just before 7pm and both still had their usual drive shows but albeit reflective of the days events. ZB had regular programming last night as did Magic Talk who also provided an overnight show (something they don’t usually do Friday/Saturday night).

On Air is right it was definitely something that needed to be presented on a network scale. Interest in the story was high no matter what part of the country you were in.

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After Bree & Clint wrapped up on ZM there was non stop music in replacement of the normal night show/s. A sweep featured between songs, directing listeners online for the latest info on the attack.

has tracey donaldson on their website must be starting this week

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MediaWorks is strengthening its commitment to the rural sector with the launch of Rural Today, a daily news show airing
weekday mornings between 5.30am-6.00am on Magic Talk. The new show will launch tomorrow morning, Monday, 25th March.
Hosted by agricultural journalist Dominic George, Rural Today will deliver informative and rurally-relevant content in a fast-paced
and exciting half hour show that informs, inspires and educates farmers and the rural community.
Of the show, Dominic says: “I’m absolutely delighted to be joining the great lineup of hosts on Magic Talk to deliver daily rural
news updates. I have a real desire to share the important agri-news of the day and help rural New Zealanders tell their stories
to the whole country. I can’t wait to get started.”
Rural Today will focus both inside and outside the farm gate and will feature rural news, detailed weather reports and sport,
while also covering hot on-farm topics as well as some of the more entertaining hobbies that farmers are involved with away
from work such as hunting, equestrian, shearing and more.
This new daily rural news offering follows the huge success of Magic Talk’s weekend farming show Rural Exchange (“REX”),
hosted by Richard Loe and Hamish McKay, which continues to be the voice of New Zealand farmers with in-depth coverage and
expert discussion around issues affecting the rural community and all aspects of agri-living.
“Listeners have shown demand for more rural news content between Monday and Friday,” says MediaWorks Radio Group
Content Director Leon Wratt. “Farmers need the latest information and Rural Today will fill this news gap alongside great
informative interviews with leading industry experts.”
MediaWorks Head of Rural Nick Fisher says: “MediaWorks has always had a strong rural audience across television, radio and
digital, reaching 96% of farm owners and managers who tune into our brands for rural-specific content as well as for
entertainment. We are leaders in this class and it’s great to now be able to deliver daily rural content to this audience.”
WHAT: Rural Today
WHEN & WHERE: Weekdays 5.30-6.00am | Magic Talk | 24/7 channel on rova | Podcast |
WHO: Host Dominic George has been broadcasting to a national and local audience for over a decade and has built up a very
loyal and dedicated following. He has been in the media industry for over 13 years covering everything from politics to sport. As
an agricultural journalist he has broken and covered some of the biggest stories in the industry and has developed a genuine
affinity with the nation’s farmers and the issues they face on a daily basis. He understands the people, the politics and the
culture and what drives their love of the land.
WHAT: Rural Exchange
WHEN & WHERE: Weekend Mornings 6.00-8.00am | Magic Talk | 24/7 channel on rova | Podcast |
WHO: Hosted by Hamish McKay & Richard Loe. Newshub Rural Editor Angie Skerrett updates the latest rural news and will
curate feature interviews from across the week.


What’s happened to Peter Williams on Magic Talk?
Brendan Telfer been filling in for the last couple of weeks at least…? It was a good move putting right wing PW up against Kerre McIvor, he was sure to get some of NTZB’s listeners. Telf is a decent talkback host but they couldn’t be more different politically.


He’s awy on holiday likely celebrating his birthday.


Hey team,

does anyone know where I can go to listen back on a full show?
could be any network, I just need to listen to some shows as inspiration.
particularly keen on any night or workday shows…



Music? Or talk?