New Zealand Radio

Tova should be the first to go. A (presumably) large salary for piss-poor ratings.

Ditch today fm
Whatever guise they are using tslk radio doesnt work at all for mw
How many times have they tried and failed

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I agree. It’s only going to bleed them dry like RadioLIVE did. And the money they continue pouring into it is going to be at the expense of their more successful brands.

Have a music station like what mix used to be
No announcers but just wall to wall music

What about commercial advertising, news, weather and traffic?

Advertising, news, weather etc (along with ID’s/stings) would remain, just no DJ’s. THere is a case for cutting back the frequency of news bulletins as well.

Magic have gotten rid of DJ’s between 8 and midnight, and do not have a DJ for their Country Magic show at the moment.

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I’ve heard from a reliable source at MediaWorks that staff were advised today about the roles being disestablished and that some staff are preparing to take the company to the ERA/employment court. Watch this space.

Wonder what the grounds would be, because usually these companies are very legally to the letter of the law on redundancies etc. Fixed-term contracts perhaps?


Likely to be as successful as Tova challenging her restraint of trade clause.

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Interesting times

Rnz even commented on it
Yesterday and suggested they will still struggle
With the job losses and reduction in staffing
Advertising revenue has dropped dramatically
Post covid

How would RNZ know about advertising revenue lol

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It was a media commentator who
They interviewed re the mediworks issue

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Cam Wallace not well liked by MediaWorks staff. Comparisons with the Mark Weldon era.

MediaWorks staffer says the former Air NZ executives at MW referred to as “the cabin crew”.


I don’t believe CEOs necessarily need to be well-liked. Respected though, is the key.

A Radio Live retread is perhaps not the answer.


I think Today FM will always struggle and won’t be competitive without having a fully fledged well respected newsroom to power it. At the moment it doesn’t have that. ZB is a powerhouse brand because it has the support of NZ Herald and ZB newsrooms.

Are you sure it has nothing to do with ~17% of the total radio audience wanting to listen to talkback, that ZB’s been around for donkey’s years and their competition’s had more incarnations that Doctor Who?


LOL. Exactly. One’s a strong, stable household name with experienced hosts. The other isn’t any of those things.

Absolutely you’re right, yes… but ZB’s brand is also all over the Herald and vice versa, which has helped too.

Old listening habits are hard to break
If you are happy with what you listen to and a new player comes along you may not
Be interested or inclined to change no matter what the opposition try
To do i think this has happened here to mediaworks talk brands
Zb is always like an old friend and people wont change…