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@OnAir At least Nickson gave talk radio a go.

totally! And hey, maybe he also decided he didn’t want to work extra hours on a Friday when he didn’t have to.


Wondering what peoples thoughts are on breakfast and drive shows constantly discussing the same stories daily.

Ive always listened to the ZM breakfast podcast, but just started with the drive show podcast as well. Ive found theyre talking about and covering the same things.
And its not even the big stories of the day, recently they both talked about Spark removing phone boxes and a tiktok about windscreen condensation.

If radio stations are wanting listeners to tune in on the drive to and from work, should the shows be communicating to avoid this, or do you think it doesnt really matter?


No, talkback.

Hayden Rickard doing Friday nights. He was filling in for Polly last night and mentioned he would be on Friday nights for the next couple of months.

Seems to be more common recently. Probably not helped by Bree often referring to the fact that Fletch, Vaughan and Hayley spoke about it as well that morning lol. So there is some awareness. They can offer a different take I guess so it can work.


Agree to some extent. However, neither the Birmingham Comm Games or the Paris Olympics Games are great from a NZ timezone POV (especially when it comes to radio) considering most of the events will occur overnight. As such, the only beneficial coverage windows will be evenings (ie; outside of the peak listening periods) when the early events begin/take place and then breakfast being able to cover the last events of the day in Birmingham and Paris.

It’s more a credibility thing, I guess. Plus they had the cricket overnight through the wee small hours currently.
SENZ keep preaching about being Kiwi for Sport, yet they hold no domestic deals of note (cricket and rugby union), nor the big ticket stuff like the Olympics/Commonwealth Games.

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That’s definitely an issue for them. They have a big chance to rectify this in the next 18 months considering this upcoming summer is the last year of Mediaworks’ radio cricket rights deal.

Longtime reader, first time poster (sorry accidentally deleted my original post)
Hayden Rickard, haven’t heard that name for years. Last heard on 93 Rox in Dunedin, then I heard he left radio altogether.
Also is the radio vault still posting here?

GOLD AM will rebrand to GOLD SPORT from Monday 27th June. The name change aims to better reflect the live sports commentary currently broadcast on the radio station, which includes The Country Sport Breakfast with Brian Kelly.

From the Tellum Media Alert.

I think if I were at NZME and wanting to rebrand Gold AM into Gold Sport, I’d also take the chance to make a few extra changes at potentially low cost, to start to bring more of a sport focus to the new station outside of breakfast and live commentary periods. If for no other reason than if SEN Australia pull the pin on SENZ at any stage, that you’re not having to totally rebuild an NZME sport offering to fill the gap, you’re phasing it in.

One easy change would be to simulcast 7-8pm Sportstalk running at the same time on Newstalk ZB and use that as a feeder to build some basic evening sports content around.

Even an 8 to 10pm show following Sportstalk carrying highlights from the mornings sports interviews on Brian Kelly’s show, plus potentially any of the existing NZME podcast material such as On The Front Foot and Rugby Direct or anything of the Radio Hauraki sport material (kind of along the lines of the former Sport Reloaded show Eli Mwaijumba used to host on Radio Sport) would be a potentially low cost (zero cost apart from the technical producer) option to start to build back some sporting content on Gold Sport as a base to build off. And then if the economics added up the next logical move would be a drive show too of course.

I cant see any big spend up on resourcing wall to wall sporting content on Gold Sport anytime soon, but if NZME is continuing to invest resource in to live commentary rights to not cede any ground to SENZ, then there could be some low level additions that could make Gold Sport feel a bit more like a sport station and not the funny place it feels now as a hybrid sport/rural station which mostly simulcasts classic rock.


Interesting you say that, that’s exactly what Radio Pacific was like in the early 1990s, especially on the weekends; I remember the racing commentary being mixed in with music (but they didn’t do talkback during those times).


I definitely see a sort of rebuild being in Gold Sport’s future. Add pieces of the puzzle over time. As it stands it is a bit like Sports Roundup in the 1980s/90s.

The big one could be the cricket rights for summer 2023/24 and beyond - as @Jeffmister posited a few days ago, the upcoming summer is Mediaworks last.
It felt a weird fit under Magic Talk before and feels even weirder now with Today. Not sure they’ll be in on it again, certainly not under the Today brand.

SENZ will be all in on it - it feels like a make or break for them in some ways. The cricket anchors 4 months through summer and is needed.

Gold will have a crack too I’m sure - NZME and NZC had what appeared to be a falling out last time but if they can patch that up I wouldn’t rule them out.