New Years Eve

Looking around the various Sydney stations’ websites, none (apart from 2GB) have bothered to make any updates or add any content on what will be airing in the lead up to new year.

I imagine most will have some sort of ‘special’ show that veers away from the usual Thursday night programming. It seems incredible to me that heading into 2016, major networks don’t make this information available online to interested listeners. I don’t know whether there have been on-air promos for the NYE shows?

I happened to spot a Twitter post from KIIS and they’re going commercial-free from 6pm with Rodney O’s Block Party. I would have thought this would be something to shout about. Even digging through social media accounts for the likes of 2Day and Edge, there is nothing mentioned. Are these stations missing a trick or is the NYE audience so small as to be insignificant and not worth the effort of a Facebook post?

If anyone has any of this top secret info on what the Major Metros are broadcasting this evening please share it here.

2Day FM are constantly promoting the fact that they will be playing the official NYE soundtrack at 9 and midnight. (I assume all of the Hit Network are)

As in, the music that goes along with the Sydney harbour fireworks display?

That’s what they are saying… Pretty sure they did it last year too.

All the CHRs at least (and I would assume the rest of the commercial music stations) are going commercial free - some have been heavily promoting the fact. Most will take some sort of DJ mix…

I would have to assume that at least KIIS and Novas NYE audience is very small.
When’s the last time you went to a party where all the host did for music was turn the radio on? Even if you’re not doing ANYTHING I think you’re more likely to have the TV of Pandora on than a Nova DJ mix

The Hit Network is also counting down the hottest 100 songs of 2015 with the Hit 100 countdown.

I would suspect the lack of NYE fanfare regarding radio is most FM stations, whilst going ‘commercial free’, will largely be automated tonight.

There won’t be too many parties on tonight that will have a radio going, certainly not one that will put up with ads or chatterbox DJs.

Despite the fact that I’m sure the curated playlists/mixes for NYE from the major commercials will be at least half-decent, a party that had constant 2DAY, Nova or KIIS sweepers peppered throughout would be considered kinda lame, let alone the lengthy talk breaks.

I’d almost suggest that it’s more of a ‘get you in the mood on the way to the party’ sorta thing, rather than a ‘put this on AT the party’

I agree - any sweepers they run tonight should be very short and then it’s straight back to the music.

I plan to put up a few logs listening around the country. I know MMM around the nation will be automated from about 9PM after their rock award show.

In Melbourne there’s a temporary station on 99.7 running the ‘official’ audio, instead of doing a deal with one of the stations like it seems Sydney did with 2Day. There doesn’t seem to be much promotion of that, so I doubt many people would tune into it.

I DID come across a commercial FM music station who were live and local tonight with some DJ chatter - including listener requests…


Is that ‘live n local, brought to you by Nexgen’??

I don’t remember hearing any mention of Nexgen …

KIIS in Melbourne had a good mix, counting down into the New Year.

As Mix 101.1 had always done.

Fox’s was also good.

Great to hear the legends Nightline with Bruce & Phil on AW :slight_smile:

Was it just me but I didn’t hear any countdown to midnight on hit 104.1 2DayFM?

Seems some other people are complaining on Twitter as well.

Yes I had a quiet one on New Years Eve and did flick between the available CHR in Stanhope Gardens as well as Internet radio trying to find some decent house music to get into the mood. Below are my comments on each of the networks

Nova Network
Between 6pm and 9pm it was generally just their standard playlist with mixes of 2015 hits with a DJ back announcing some of the mixes and putting some calls to air. Last song of 2015 Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.
First song of 2016 Ocean Drive by Duke Dumont. All Nova’s had the same New Year’s broadcast but with time delay to fit local time zones.

Sea Fm Central Coast-
Outside broadcast from the Entrance fireworks. Pretty much their standard play list. I heard them play the best of you.

I did listen to a bit of Triple J but it was not as heavily house music focused as is their Saturday night house party program.

The best mixes were on overseas stations particularly Slam fm which is a dance music station broadcasting across the Netherlands, they stream on the Internet. They started their New Years party mix at 9am local time and was mostly commerical free. The playlist was very uplifting with a dubstep skew. As they got closer to midnight Amsterdam (10am NYD Sydney time) they were mixing 2015 top 40 and house hits into their mix. Last song of 2015 Lean on by Major Lazer.

Radio 1 UK
Only listened for an hour this morning between 10am and 11am which is 11pm NYE to Midnight New Years Day GMT. They also had a good mix of music better then what was offered on the Australian CHR stations. The playlist was similar to Slam Fm Netherlands but also contained some older non 2015 dance hits.
Last song for 2015 Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.

I always get my NYE party mixes from oversea radio station streamed through tune in radio.

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In Brisbane,

4BC had a local live show with Greg Hinks taking live calls, interviews and reviewing the year for 5 1/2 hours from 7pm - 12.30am.

97.3 FM had their standard non-stop New Years Eve Party Mix from 6pm - 6am (same Saturday Night playlist, only on a weeknight).

Hit105 and Nova were networked as expected.

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