New Leash on Life

New for 2023

Mental health issues and loneliness in Australia are on the rise and so are dogs on death row. Joel Creasey has a solution: a mutual rescue. New Leash On Life is a feel-good, family friendly documentary series with our love of dogs at it’s core. In each episode, Joel meets an Australian in need of unconditional love from a dog, then works with canine behaviourist Laura Vissaritis to rescue a suitable unwanted dog on death row, guiding them with behavioural modifications, before introducing them both and transforming two lives at once. The series will confront head on the culture of dog ownership – good and bad – that has developed in Australia and hold up a mirror to us all, forcing us to consider how our lives intersect with our dogs and how we shape each other’s worlds.

An Artemis production. Financed with the assistance of ABC and Screenwest. Series Producer Hannah Pocock. Executive Producers Celia Tait and Nia Pericles. ABC Executive Producer Leo Faber.

Laura said on 3AW there will be x6 30 minute episodes, going to air in July on Tuesdays at 8pm.

Sounds like a copycat Dog House.

“Filming a documentary”