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Currently filming on an exotic island paradise, the new series will follow eight young people who feel stuck in a rut as they are cut off from the modern world in a month-long programme of transformation aimed at improving their health and wellbeing through extreme physical challenge.

Each of them will be paired with a ‘Warrior’ - experts in their specific fields of fitness and health - from MMA fighters to yogis, personal trainers to Olympians - who will mentor and push them every step of the way. Each will have a unique set of skills and an individual approach which they hope will push their trainees out of their comfort zone and help them overcome the problems they are facing in their life.

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So many Survivor-esque spinoffs these days. Do production companies and networks literally have no other ideas?

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The Floor is a physical quiz show that sees 100 contestants face-off in quiz duels on a giant LED floor divided into one hundred equal squares, each representing its own field of knowledge.

The goal is to conquer the entire floor and take home a huge cash prize. A contestant challenges an opponent in an adjoining square. The winner of a duel takes over the opponent’s square, and the loser leaves the game. After 10 episodes, the last person on The Floor wins $1,000,000.

Fremantle-backed Eureka and Talpa will take The Floor out to buyers starting this week. The show has already been sold to RTL4 in the Netherlands.

How lovely. I’m sure Seven will pick this up in no time :roll_eyes:

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New casting notice for an adventure travel show Globetrotters (working title?) being produced by Endemol Shine Australia.

For Seven? Given they haven’t had their upfronts yet. Would’ve said Nine otherwise, not very familiar with Race Around The World but thought it could be similar?

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Blow Up (whose Australian adaptation has been filmed and will premiere on Seven in 2023) is mentioned as one of six new formats.


Host announced for Channel 4’s new reality format.

Fremantle has acquired global rights outside of North America to The Piano, the UK talent format from Sky-owned Love Productions.

The show recently launched in the UK on Channel 4 and sees aspiring pianists performing on public pianos in train stations, with two acclaimed performers secretly watching on.

They then choose one pianist to be given the chance to play on one of the world’s most prestigious stages.

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Creative name.

This new NZ show looks like it could be transported to Australia even using the same host. Have been performing in the key demos and looks inexpensive to produce. Has the “panel of comedians” format that is fairly common on TV these days.

It’s all done with a 70’s themed set and graphics.

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Didn’t we have a spelling bee type Aussie show in the last 10 years on Ch 10 I vaguely remember something.

Edit : This

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Guy Montgomery’s Guy Mont-Spelling Bee isn’t a real spelling bee. It is comedians in a format designed for laughs. They pick from different levels, spell words like ‘blue’, spell words in the was a 6- year old might spell them, spell words they misspelled in a social media post etc. The prize for the winner is to appear on the next week’s how.


Coming to Australia

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