Network Ten rebrand

A few designs for a Network Ten rebrand…

Ten, Ten Extra, Ten Crime, Ten Daily, & Ten Play


Promo end boards:

Program return graphics:

Line ups (‘TONIGHT’ around the circle would slowly animate clockwise, simialr to Studio 10’s aniamtions).

Coloured watermarks:


Shit. This looks soooo HOTTTT.

One thing though, what is Ten Extra supposed to replace? Eleven or ONE? If it’s Eleven, then I personally think it would be better named ‘Ten Family’ or something to that effect.

Other than that, send this off to Ten right now! Fantastic mock!


A network-wide rebrand is seriously what they need right now.
There’s only so many ways you can do the button-pushing gimmick.


Looks brilliant. Great colours and design.

But not a fan of a channel called ten extra or a restrictive name for a channel like ten crime.


love it:) it might actually be like this , esp after watching cbs in asia last year they cbs extreme and cbs reality so it could just be say 10 cbs extreme and 10 cbs reality


Sounds clunky. Get the cbs out of your head.


The last photo reminds me of the watermark being used back in 2014-15.

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Not sold on the rest, but love these.

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7flix? 9Life?

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Well 7flix is stupid now since it isn’t just movies any more.

And 9Life is almost as stupid because it doesn’t just have lifestyle shows but reality shows too.

Meanwhile ABC Comedy is starting to let other content creep in too which goes against its name because it is not comedy.


I’d prefer if each channel kept its own identity in Eleven and One, but still apply the new on-air presentation for both channels.


It never was?

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It was launched as a predominantly movie channel with movies (flicks) in prime time every night. But when ratings were poor, they started replacing them with series, within a fortnight of launch.


The colours, particularly with the PRGs, remind me of Nine. Might need to change them more to detach from that thought.

Coloured watermarks? I’m waiting for the complaints to roll in ala WIN.

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Reminds me of the 2D 2012 logo which lasted until May

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