Network Ten Pty Ltd


Ten wins court battle against Seven and Nine over the claimed $1 valuation of its shareholding in TX Australia. Nine and Seven are still expected to go ahead and acquire Ten’s stake after it is revalued.


Wonder why they would sell though? I would have thought it would be worth them holding onto their share, why would 7 & 9 both want to buy them out?


When Ten went into administration Seven and Nine enforced a clause in the Tx Australia ownership agreement that forces any of the three owners who go into administration to sell to the other two.


because it’s a clause in the charter… once any of the three go into administration the others can buy it out to avoid an unrelated entity buying in.


Ah right, thanks for that.

I thought they were fighting it in court just to keep their share of the ownership, but realise now that is likely about the sale amount rather than the sale itself which forms part of the contract.


Operating costs will probably remain the same for Ten, and would provide minimal dividends, if any. The reliability of the service isn’t going to change, and it means they get a cash injection from the sale.


If they sold it they wouldnt have to worry about equipment upgrades to the sight? Rather just a rental instead?


yes, but TXA could charge whatever they like for the rent.

I suspect 7 and 9 may buy out 10 and merge TXA into the super playout centre… or 7 and 9, being as cash strapped as they seem to be, may just walk away with their tail between their legs.


The alternative of Ten using Broadcast Australia was mentioned by the ACCC in their decision approving the proposed acquisition by Seven and Nine.


correct, and Ten may very well just go with BA to spite them.


Disclaimer: This is all unconfirmed & not official information from my employer TX Australia.

Ten/CBS is in payback mode since this began, CBS will make 7 & 9 pay dearly one way or another, for bringing this on.

TEN has been in serious talks with BA since the start. If TEN go to BA, then site rental agreements will be under a contract with BA (as per ABC & SBS) not TEN directly, so if TXA want to charge huge amounts, BA will likely tell them to get stuffed & may take ABC & SBS away too?. BA would install their own new transmitters for TEN at the TXA sites, & TXA will be left with a spare TX at every site, (the old TEN ones that TXA own), unless they decide to sell them off to BA/TEN.

I only heard this last week & am waiting to find out more info, but it’s believed TEN have already installed new transmitters at each of the main metro BA sites in each state, ready to jump ship, there’s also talks about new BA owned & operated translator sites for TEN, ABC & SBS, leaving only 7 & 9 at TXA’s translator sites.

Like I said, this is only word on the streets at this stage, & is not official information from TEN/CBS, TXA or BA.


I know that the TX transmitter in Brisbane used to be Ten’s transmitter (and in fact is the property the now torn down Ten News bill board was on and is also guarded by the same security company). Would certainly be interesting if that tower no longer carried ten’s transmission.


That sounds incredibly expensive and is unnecessary duplication and would undo the decades of collaborative efforts of the commercial and public broadcasters since the first translators were installed.


Not really because the number of TXA & BA owned translator sites are relatively small in each metro market, & there’s nothing particularly collaborative about it, it’s all just business.

The ABC hates SBS, the only link between them is the respective business deals for operation with BA, & now 7 & 9 have got 10 offside.

Across the Sydney/Central Coast licence area, TXA owns & operates 2 translator sites, BA owns & operates 3 translator sites & the rest are owned by Axicom, WINTV or NSW RMS. Other states have local council owned sites too.

BA own & operate the ABC & SBS services at 5 of the sites, with TXA owning & operating the 3 commercial services at those 5 sites, & TXA own & operate all 5 services at the remaining 4 sites around Sydney/Central Coast.

Similar set up in the other metro markets.


You would think that they wouldn’t be given access to install transmitters (I’m assuming you mean towers)

I haven’t heard this one. That’s A LOT of capital investment for a possibility that may not happen. (And there are no TV transmitter manufacturers here in Australia… so nothing could be called up “at a moments notice”

It was, until TEN sold it to create the TXA company back in the 90’s… ironically, it was TEN’s idea for the commercial networks to get together and create a company to look after the transmission.


No I mean transmitters, why wouldn’t they be given access?

Commercial agreements are made & transmitter hall space is rented, they can put whatever they want there.

If the commercial agreement grants them 24/7 access to the site, they get site keys & can work on their equipment whenever they like.

BA have transmitters in almost all TXA sites, & TXA have transmitters in many BA sites, BA adding an extra one for TEN would be no different.

From what I’ve been hearing, TEN have been in serious talks with BA for many months (just after this issue started). I heard we should start to see things happening around September, & I kinda got the idea it was happening, no matter the outcome of the court case, CBS was out for blood & to teach lessons.

I believe from word around town, that suppliers for a everything move to BA, had been approached & quotes for goods supply & installation works had been completed many months ago.

You should be able to get 5 transmitters delivered out of Rhode & Schwarz within about 8 weeks of order, so there’s been plenty of time past to implement this now.


I’m not completely ignorant to the inner machinations of television in Australia, I understand that BA and TXA have existing arrangements at some sites and could move TEN into the rack space quite easily… sorry, I thought you meant towers.

I honestly believe TEN have quotes ready to go, but nothing has been acted on.

As for CBS out for blood, they aren’t directly involved in the day to day running of TEN… and, at the least, wouldn’t be actively involved in this case.




What is all this BA and TXA talk? Has it got anything to do with 10 actually being transmitted? For the past few weeks 10 simply disappears off my TV makes the occasional return then is off again.
My reception and signal is fine and every other station is 100% except 10 when it just disappears completely. I’m in inner city Melbourne.