Network Ten Pty Ltd


Good thing no one seems to have alerted Netflix to 7Flix…


Spot on haha!




:thinking: I’m sure plenty have


Why doesn’t Hugo Boss sue them both?


Depends on whether they start flogging luxury fashion. :wink:


So Ten are actually going to waste time and money defending this? It’s a multichannel No one knows what 10Boss is. just make up some new crappy name and be done with it.


10 Crappy?


Wouldn’t look good having someone like Fairfax boss a company like CBS around.




The channel goes out on “1”. Here’s a way out idea… :bulb:


10 Ultra? 10 Mega? 10 Xtra?


Ultra is used by a feminine hygiene product so pass on that one. 10 Mega is a better name than 10 Boss although they’d have to make sure they don’t infringe on one of the major free to air channels in Greece.





10Bruh :stuck_out_tongue:


10Brough…let’s not go there.




The difference is the category that they are in. You couldn’t get a trademark on ‘Boss’ that covered every possible usage, but Fairfax have a trademark on Boss in class 38 and 41 - the class that Ten’s “10 Boss” trademarks are in.

The categorisation of usage matters more than whether it’s TV or Print. The case will instead hinge on whether “10 Boss” is unique and non-ambiguous compared to “AFR Boss” or just “Boss”. I think Fairfax have a marginally stronger case here.


They are nothing alike! Its petty crap by a company that’s getting bought out by another company. If 10 has registered the trademark already I don’t see how there are any problems!


So do you work for 10? We’re you involved with coming up with the name?