Network 10 2022

Really leaning into the resrouces of the parent company. Good work.

Shame they won’t try with CBS News and leverage that to create a bigger news presence here.


This Upfront is not just about FTA audiences, clearly. They’re obviously trying to show what they have access to and the strength of being part of a global company like ViacomCBS.

These upfronts are not for general audiences anyway, I’m sure media and advertisers would’ve enjoyed it - I thought it was quite good.

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Great special effects - for a pretty dry subject.


Exactly, it’s not 10’s upfronts, it’s 10 ViacomCBS’s upfronts.

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Ad-free 10Play. Similar to Spotify’s “next 30 minutes are ad-free…”

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Haven’t heard of the two divisions before: Imagine and Effect.

It’s part of their sales team, both launched when they brought their sales team back in-house.


Guess this shows how much news matters to them :upside_down_face:


Looks like the show Alter Ego.

Paramount Plus:


Looks like Masterchef is gettting a rebrand. Foodies vs favourites


Amazing Race returning too.


Looks like Ten is an afterthought to the American overlords and all the best product goes to Paramount+. Same old shit that doesn’t rate and nothing fresh or innovative for Ten.


Surprised? No way 10 will be prioritised first when ViacomCBS has P+, Nick, MTV, CBS etc which are all global brands to take care of before even getting to 10.

Having said that, what is coming up on 10 next year is still pretty good overall. Better than Seven and Nine who are all infatuated with shiny floor talent/factual/lifestyle/romance shows.

More Fans vs Faves. Seems to be the flavour of the decade with MKR failing that last year and The Block doing it this year. Here’s hoping that it’s not just a theme change but also some exciting format changes that will keep viewers hooked.

Bit harsh - they just announced the returning shows.

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What’s your big issue? I agree it’s not perfect, but it’s not that bad. They could have just closed the station.

They’re showcasing returning content, showing consistency for advertisers.

New announcements incoming, ease up mate.


Julie Goodwin back for Masterchef among others.

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