Network 10 2022

Bit disingenuous to say they don’t have any 8:30 content. They’ve renewed HYBPA?, The Cheap Seats, Gogglebox, The Secret She Keeps and there will be another drama. Pilot Week will probably run in a post 8:30 slot too.

Is it enough? Not at all, but it’s something and for the most part it’s all quite successful stuff. They added The Cheap Seats this year and there’s no reason they can’t slowly build that up with another commission next year buoyed by the success of that show.

You simply can’t spent spend what you don’t have, they’ve clearly invested big in Football and Australian Originals for P+ and that’s really where they should be. Live sport, streaming on demand and ensuring they’ve got enough 7:30 content to fill their promise for 50-52 weeks of the year.

Let’s see what next year brings, the Upfronts are not the be all and end all of commissions as we should all well know by now.


That’s an interesting one. They did it here in the UK but ruined it completely by throwing in unnecessary twists every episode which distracted from it’s core purpose - which was actually interesting enough and being a first series you don’t need to throw in twists to a format which isn’t established yet. Hopefully they don’t screw it up too bad, though being on streaming means it’ll probably be cliffhanger heavy to encourage you to watch just one more episode.

Knowing what happened this year it’ll probably be 2.5 hours every night just so they can fill that gap with ‘depth’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The Bridge - Just finished the 6 episodes @42 minutes each……I hope that’s all they do with the Aussie version and not try and milk it too much. Reminded me a little of the first big brother when they didn’t know what to expect. One of the guys who is a male stripper Zac Smith has gone onto bigger and more interesting things with his onlyfans……

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A 4-part documentary on The Family Court Murders has received production funding from Screen Australia.

4 x 50 mins
Easy Tiger Productions in association with SAM Content
Director Sally Aitken
Producers Ian Collie, Rob Gibson, Sally Aitken, Aline Jacques
Broadcaster Network 10
International Sales Fremantle International
Synopsis Examining a case of homegrown terrorism, domestic violence and the upsurge of conservative men’s rights groups in response to the progressive Family Courts, this powerful and engaging new series exposes a chapter of Australian life that has frightening relevance today.

However another 4-part documentary on the same topic was commissioned by the ABC in June, with different producers and different distributor.

What’s going on here? :thinking:


Probably not the right thread but I think 10 should target 8 out of 10 cats. It already has an following and fits their brand.

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What about the other two?


I am assuming it’s a joke but it’s a name of a British comedy show.

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Australia for Wednesday @8:30 on 10!

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It would be great. They could also try and secure the rights to the UK series and air it on one of their multi channels.

It already exists as Celebrity Letters and Numbers over on SBS on Saturdays at 7.30pm

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I didn’t realise it was basically the same format. Thanks for that. I am going to watching Celebrity Letters and Numbers - I never thought of watching it.

Letters and Numbers is a version of the original Countdown show.

8OOTCDC is a fusion of Countdown with the comedy panel 8 Out of 10 Cats. So it kind of does but also kind of doesn’t quite exist for Australia yet.

I’ve never seen the original 8 Out of 10 Cats but it might be something for 10 to consider.

Is it similar to what we had with The Glass House with Wil Anderson, Dave Hughes and Corinne Grant? Or maybe Good News Week?

Lisa has been fleetingly added to the 2022 promo at 1:16.

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Also appears at 2:18 with Hamish


Is there a Melb/Adelaide version with Jennifer Keyte etc?

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That version was shown in Melbourne last night during The Bachelorette finale.